AAP govt losing people's confidence: DH opinion poll

AAP govt losing people's confidence: DH opinion poll

In little over two months after its historic win in the Delhi Assembly polls, the image of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) appears to have taken a beating due to infighting, and it is increasingly being seen as a one-man show, says a Deccan Herald opinion poll.

The Deccan Herald/Cvoter Opinion Poll, conducted on April 22 by interviewing 1,276 randomly selected respondents across all demographics, also shows that 61.5 per cent of the people believe the AAP is not following its commitment to transparency and internal democracy after coming to power in Delhi with 67 seats in the 70-member Assembly.

The big victory had raised hopes that the AAP would initiate a new brand of politics, but these now seem to be making way for disappointment in a big way.

If public perception is any indication, the Arvind Kejriwal government's performance so far has obviously been overshadowed by the rumblings within the party, which have eroded its claim of being different.

A total of 75.2 per cent of the respondents agreed that the AAP’s image of being a party with a difference has been dented due to action against Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan and other leaders.

The public disillusionment with the AAP government is all too evident, as 72.8 per cent of the respondents also believe that the party's leaders are spending more time on infighting than concentrating on governing Delhi.  As many as 63.1 per cent of the respondents agreed that the AAP is becoming Kejriwal’s one-man show. His image as an honest administrator has suffered due to the AAP's internal tussle.

Asked if, in the wake of the serious infighting in the party soon after the elections they still thought Kejriwal was committed to providing an honest and corruption-free government, 48 per cent of the respondents said no, while 46.3 per cent said yes.

The verdict on whether it was proper to take action against Yadav and Bhushan was almost equally split: 46.1 per cent said no, while 45.2 per cent approved of the action.

The chief minister's repeated demand to bring the Delhi Police under the Delhi government’s control to improve the city’s law and order situation found favour with 62.5 per cent of the respondents.

However, the party that made anti-VIP culture its plant is now seen as no different from others, according to 51.5 per cent of the respondents.

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