Detailed and designed to take your breath away...

Detailed and designed to take your breath away...

The four-bedroom house was built in a record time of 2.7 years and its top-most level houses the gym, spa and terrace.

Detailed and designed to take your breath away...

Located a stone’s throw away from Lalbagh West Gate, this residential building’s facade is hard to miss, but certain to take your breath away. The pristine shell-white exterior and elevated levels culminating in a dome lend this 25,000 square feet home a European feel, even from the outside.

The driveway is almost 18 feet wide and is located on the stilt floor. Floral inlays with semi-precious stone and mother-of-pearl on the floor look like embedded rangolis and usher you into this uber luxurious home belonging to Balachander and Chandrika, alongwith their two children.

An extensive large stairway leads you up to the next level and the deep brown granite acts as a perfect contrast to the Italian marble that leads up to the main door. On either side is a lush lawn that has a green garden patch that is a great way to welcome guests. The main door itself is ornate and has been custom-made in teak with an oak finish. The imposing entrance has detailing with intricate designs and a small Ganesha carved at the top. There are two massive lions and sentry statuettes as well flanking either side of the entrance that has beige Italian marble flooring closer to the door.

“The design is like a typical European home; it is cladded with good frontage and has an element of flora and fauna, which is what I have done here. We have articulated the entire central portion by using a replica of the main door to enhance the whole entrance,” says the home’s architect, Harshavardhana H N.

Detailed designs

The four-bedroom home was built in a record time of 2.7 years. The homeowners and their children were always clear that the home had to be built in classical style as it would have a timeless appeal. This was the primary design brief given to the architect and the design was drawn up accordingly. In fact, the couple’s son Akash was also involved in the design and had several creative inputs in choosing the furniture and furnishing. 

The main door opens to a foyer where the home opens up. The formal drawing room in on the left side, where the decor is in shades of dark beige and brown and an aquarium is embedded within the wall. Furnished with three sets of sofas, this space has ceiling to floor curtains and the flooring has mother-of-pearl inlay work. As you move ahead, there’s the grand living room with cream-coloured sofas and a huge LCD television and beyond this is the dining area and kitchen.

The main feature, those who have been here would agree, is a huge chandelier that is fixed at a height of 35 feet. The roof is actually made with stained glass with beautiful coloured floral and geometric prints. The puja room is diagonally located next to the dining area and is exactly opposite to the main entrance. The room has its own utility and the glass door has wood panelling. “The character of the main door and the puja room door is related and in between we have a lot of drama happening and everything has a theme and scheme,” explains Harshavardhana.

Space for everything

The volume of the space has been carefully designed to ensure that the length, width and height are all proportionate. The ground level has the couple’s master bedroom, which has a walk-in wardrobe with sensor-based lights. The guest bedroom is also located on this floor.

“Nothing here is by accident; it was been detailed, designed and designated to be where it is,” maintains Harshavardhana. As you take the stairway to the next level, you see the daughter’s room on the left, which has a four poster bed and a huge wash area, walk-in wardrobe and a balcony. The son’s bedroom located on the opposite end is almost 2,400 square foot in area and comes with a private living space, pantry, bedroom and a twin walk-in wardrobe.

The top-most level houses the gym, spa and terrace space. There is also massage room, steam, sauna and whirlpool here. The terrace has an ornate white-coloured structure with pillars and lions and has some outdoor seating as well. While the home has few handpicked accessories, the primary focus is on the elements like floor patterns and light
fixtures that are quite large – yet do not overpower the decor. All the doors have ornate brass handles. The architect and homeowners have emphasised attention to detail and this becomes obvious when you notice the grill design being replicated on the glass behind it.

This home is truly a labour of love;  the result of great teamwork between the architect and the homeowners.