Madhusudhan: Bengaluru's blade runner

Madhusudhan: Bengaluru's blade runner

Madhusudhan: Bengaluru's blade runner

This is Madhusudhan and he aspires to become a professional athlete. What's so interesting about that, you may ask? He may be the country's first double amputee athlete. In other words, our own 'blade runner'.

Madhusudhan comes from a humble background and during his school days he had dreamt of becoming a professional runner. However, his dream was crushed when he lost both his legs in a train accident. He was just 13.

But as fate would have it, Madhusudhan met Arun Joshua Cherian, a city-based entrepreneur a few months ago. Cherian runs a start-up 'Riselegs' which develops  a cane prosthetic limb for leg amputees.

Cherian's cane prosthetic legs are light-weight and allow their users to walk, run, dance and play. His invention brought a ray of hope in Madhusudhan's life. 

Elvis Joseph, director, Bangalore School Sports Foundation, stepped in to train Madhusudhan to run with his new cane legs. After eight months of training, Madhusudhan can now briskly run up to a kilometer without a break.

Every morning, he has been training hard to take part in the upcoming TCS Marathon, which will be held on May 17 in Bengaluru.

Here's an exclusive video: