City police warns habitual offenders

City police warns habitual offenders

400 offenders rounded up as part of area domination exercise

City police warns habitual offenders

The Bengaluru police on Friday carried out a drive against the habitual offenders and rounded up around 400 such elements in the various parts of the City.

 Additional Commissioner of Police (East) P Harishekaran and his team conducted area domination exercise in East, South-East and North-East division, where more than 200 offenders were rounded up. Another team led by Additional Commissioner of Police (West) Alok Kumar rounded up around 225 habitual offenders.

The police said that in the East division the operation was carried out in New Bayappanahalli slum, Tent Road slum in KR Puram and Doddanna Nagar in DJ Halli. In South-East division, Ambedkar Nagar in Whitefield and JD Mara slum in Mico Layout and Hegde Nagar slum in North-East division.

Rowdies questioned
Harishekaran said,  “A total of 43 rowdies, 76 habitual offenders and 25 persons with criminal antecedents from all the slums were questioned. They were given a strict warning and were told not to get involve themselves in any kind of illegal activity. The police officials spoke to their family members and asked them to keep a check on their wards.”

“This drive helped us to trace around six offenders against whom warrant were issued. The youths in these areas were also counselled and were asked to stay away from anti-social activities. This drive has helped in curbing crime to a certain extent. More such drives will be carried out in the future,” he added.

Meanwhile, in the West division, a total of 225 offenders were rounded up in Central, West, North and South division. The drive was carried out in the wake of recent rise in chain snatchings and robbery incidents.

Alok Kumar said, “The drive was carried out to keep a check on the crime. The offenders were detained for questioning. They are asked to give information about the other offenders who are involved in criminal activities. Also, if these offenders are found indulged in criminal activities, they will be booked and strict action will be taken against them,” he warned.