Synchronising a passion

Synchronising a passion


Synchronising a passion

Members of Nupura team.

The dance forum of NMKRV College for Women, Nupura, is a creative group of girls with an intense interest for dancing. The troupe performs all sorts of dances, from classical, folk and Western to contemporary genres and has won many accolades for its aesthetic choreographic skills. Thanks to enthusiastic students and management, blissful sounds of Nupura reverberates in the campus all the time.

Professor M S Nagaratna from the Department of Botany is the faculty co-ordinator of the forum for the last four years. She is appreciative of the team members and their commitment. “Our dance forum is one among the best student teams in the City. It was started more than 15 years back and has been active since its inception,’’ she says.

“One of the finest dancers, Lakshmi Gopalaswami, is a student of our college and she had taken an active part in the activities of Nupura. Salsa dancer Kavya Sha is also a product of our college,” adds Nagaratna.

Another proud factor for the forum is that the government has recognised their talent and has provided many opportunities to showcase their talent. “On invitation from the government, we recently performed at Lalit Ashok for the launch of the Karnataka Tourism Directory by the Tourism Department. We also won second prize in the inter-collegiate tourism fest called Alta-Vista held at Christ University,” she says.

Hamsa, a final-year BBM student, is co-ordinating the activities of Nupura. She is also an excellent dancer and performs free style and Western dance forms in a wonderful manner.

“Ever year, we select our members through auditions. We then divide them into classical, folk and filmy troupes. These troupes only perform a particular genre,” she says. The team regularly does rigorous practice. “Sometimes, we practice for a long time after class hours. In such cases, our college arranges transportation for us. Our college also provides costumes, accessories and choreographers as well. Our professors provide special classes for those students who miss classes because of cultural activities.”