Waiting in the wings

Waiting in the wings

Great plan

Waiting in the wings

Teejay Singh

Actress, VJ, dancer... the list is endless. And, Teejay Singh juggles them all with ease and finesse. Ironically, Teejay describes that she is slow and steady in making her choices. She says she’s in no hurry to hog all the limelight and is gingerly when it comes to courting fame.

She’d like success to come at its pace. “I wouldn't want success to erupt, and then fizzle out. I would not like to be a big star who lasts a few fantastic years and then gets 'phased out’,” Teejay told Metrolife.

Teejay has performed in several dance shows such as Nach Baliye and Kabhi
Kabhi Pyar Kabhi Kabhi Yaar. She was the runner-up in the latter. She dubs these shows as positive career moves.

After having got a feel of VJing, dancing, is she foraying into acting? “I have been getting offers for acting but none were interesting or compelling enough to commit to. Last year, I did act in a Punjabi film, Tera Mera Ki Rishta. I loved it,” avers Teejay.

She has no qualms about saying that she'd rather do a regional film that excites
her than take up a lukewarm Bollywood project. Not that she dislikes Bollywood altogether. Acting is high on her list. She has studied theatre abroad and would definitely like to test her acting skills. She has acted in a comedy play, Plane Crazy About Love. “After doing some rewarding work on stage, it's hard to pick up just any film project. I would love for a great movie to come my way — the lack of which, has kept me away from the big screen,” she observes.

And like every other actor, would she consider hosting a reality show all of her own? “I am always up for adventure. I would love to host a reality show. It would be much less stressful than being a contestant,” she beams.

Teejay is among those who makes no great plans for her future. She would like to continue both acting and hosting TV shows. “I find it funny when people say, ‘I was born to act.' I was born to do many things and I am thankful that God has blessed me with enough versatility to do more,” she signs off.