Those natural beauties

Those natural beauties

Bring in cane curtains to reduce summer heat and cut off external noises...

Those natural beauties

Simple, light, aesthetically designed, eco-friendly, durable and comfortable – cane furniture is ideal for all seasons and for all purposes.

Indian summers are never complete without these natural beauties. From a simple one-seater chair, called mudda to high-end designer products, cane furniture has come a long way. Think of any item - a swing, a sofa set or a coffee table - you can easily find its cane equivalent today. From offices to homes and local restaurants to five-star hotels,cane has invaded all kinds of spaces today.

Bringing nature indoors

Catering to the current trend of bringing nature indoors, cane furniture caters to the modern home-makers’ desire for an earthy decor. Cane fits the bill perfectly as it is not only nature-friendly, but also creates an informal yet warm and sophisticated setting, which can compliment any type of decor and surroundings.

For instance, if you have a sun deck or patio, then placing wicker chairs is an excellent way to enjoy the evenings. It is both, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.While hardwood, such as teak or oak, may seem to have an overpowering look, cane furniture made from bamboo or rattan offers an extremely earthy look that adds to the aesthetic appeal. Contemporary wicker offers just the right blend of traditional and modern elements, while retaining the character of natural surroundings and not competing with it. The best part is that one can go in for a budget range or even opt for designer or antique products in cane.

Sonam Gupta, design head, Tangerine says, “Geometric cane patterns are spreading like wildfire these days. ‘Chat and chill’ configurations look good and are comfortable as well. You can get them by having comfy long chairs and sectional pieces that can be grouped or separated, with ottomans, side tables and coffee tables that can also be used for casual dining.”

One thing that is gaining steady popularity is the cane curtain. For summers, they are ideal as they help to keep the room cool and are a great way of cutting off the noise, too.
Reinventing cane Designers are of the opinion that cane isn’t just a material. In fact, it is a timeless pattern, which is being reinvented in contemporary designs. The timeless design in rattan fits well with contemporary trends, add interior decorators. 

Parushni Aggarwal, owner and creative director, Studio Creo, says, “If you want to  stylishly decorate your home, then cane furniture is one of the best options available in the market. An ideal mixture of modernity and traditionalism – this tough, strong and resilient furniture is built to last, without sacrificing any of its enamoured good looks. It can be easily bent into elegant curves, which are simple yet trendy, aimed for sustainable living with a fine finish. Their beautiful, elegant and sophisticated look give a very pure and light feel to the room. Today, you can choose from a wide range of designs, selections and styles in cane.”

“Whether you are looking for a modern touch, contemporary or an old-fashioned appeal, you can find all the pieces you are looking for. You can use cane furniture both, indoors and outside.
Mostly available in traditional grey-brown, white or grey finishes, cane is now venturing into the world of varied colours and this is the ‘in’ trend in 2015. By giving cane furniture a simple lick of paint, you can reinvent the entire look, avoiding a monotonous effect,” she adds.

Right way to accessorise
Throw some bright colour contrast
cushions on cane chairs. It goes well with the subtlety and earthy colours of cane.
In gardens, if you place cane furniture with white or green cushions, it not only beats the heat, but also merges well with the natural surroundings.
Terracotta products gel very well with cane items. One can do up the place with natural handcrafted items, co-ordinated well with bamboo hanging lanterns. 

Some suggestions

While cane has its own charm, it also has its fair share of fallacies. It demands proper care and here are some suggestions to help you get started:

It is important to choose good quality cane so that it lasts longer.

Keep cane chairs and furniture away from extreme heat situations and areas with low humidity, as such conditions could cause the cane to dry out and become
brittle and break.

Don’t kneel on a cane seat or use it as a ladder or stool. This will lead to breakage of cane strands. 

Avoid sagging seats – if the caned seat begins to sag, tighten the cane or it will begin to wear and break.

Use chair pads. A chair pad distributes the weight evenly thereby taking away the pressure on individual strands of cane, thus making them last longer.

For cleaning purposes, use a soft, small bristle brush to avoid damaging the

Dusting regularly by using a feather duster to whisk dirt out of all the crevices is a must.

Never use excess water to clean as it tends to warp and expand the weave of wicker furniture.So, what are you waiting for? Go get some beautiful cane furniture and enjoy the tropical weather in style.