Get to the bootcamp

Get to the bootcamp

Get to the bootcamp

FITNESS FUNDAS The more the merrier is always true when it comes to exercising. Kaustav Baruah tells you why it is good to be in a bootcamp.

In general terminology, bootcamp or fitness bootcamp is a type of group physical training, with a small or large number of people, conducted in different fields pertaining to fitness. They are commonly conducted outdoors by gym trainers or personal trainers.

The idea of a bootcamp was started by the US Army. It reached the UK and the rest of the world sometime in the late 90s. With the simple motive of keeping workout fun and motivating each other, bootcamps over the decades have proven themselves successful in reaching the fitness goals and proliferating the term “fitness” globally.

There are certain principles that are followed in modern-day bootcamps, like:

n They generally don’t last more than an hour
n They focus on improving the group’s
n They push people a bit further than they would on their own
n They get people working together
towards a common goal
The benefits Several benefits follow bootcamp sessions. For instance:
n They promote fat loss
n They induce team work and camaraderie
n They help the members realise their real potential to take themselves further in terms of fitness
n As they are mainly organised  outdoors, there is ample workout space, which can serve as motivation for people
n They provide a different environment for those who get bored in the gym and find it hard to make exercising a habit
n Regular aerobic exercise can help
reduce high blood pressure, hypertension and combat stress due to endorphin release

The transition

Bootcamps started off initially with only own body-weight agility drills. With
evolving techniques and equipment, obstacles like agility ladders, cones and hurdles were used, which in turn improved cardiovascular fitness and also fat-burning capabilities. Functional training caught up soon. Workouts became more sensible and useful for the general masses with functional fitness, as the body going through such intense bouts, was
simultaneously moving in all three planes of movement.

Core training became popular at the same time, with more and more
individuals demanding a flat tummy and six-pack abs. Then came the TRX rope, founded by former US Navy Seal Randy Hedrick. TRX benefits are unlimited. One of the most important being that it is usable at any place, indoors or outdoors.

With new fitness harnesses/ tools,  nit’s easy to stay motivated and have fun,
without losing sight of the fitness goals. At this point , the kettlebell is worth
mentioning. It’s origin might date back to the 14th century, but this Russian jolt of an equipment has never failed to interest any fitness maniac. All its workouts are strength and fat-burning oriented.

One more equipment, which has to offer tremendous benefits, is the ViPR (Vitality Performance Reconditioning). This cylindrical object made out of hard plastic is for loaded movement. Invented by Michele Dalcourt , this object has no such set of designated exercises. It can be used for different purposes in fitness/rehab by all age groups. All that is required is the right form, posture and guidance by a trained professional.

In India, too, bootcamps have found immense popularity in attracting the crowds, mostly in the metros, where sedentary lifestyles have taken over.

Although the concept of bootcamps was initially outdoors, nowadays with better workout environments, indoor bootcamps have also gained immense popularity.

(The author is assistant fitness
manager, Fitness First)