Passion at work

Passion at work

Passion at work

Bengaluru’s encouraging music scene has given rise to many talented bands and musicians. However, not many artistes take to music full-time despite being highly passionate about the field. In fact, many of them play in some of the most successful bands but still hold regular office jobs.

While a few of them say that they are equally passionate about both their office job and music, some feel it’s important to have a steady source of income to fall back on. 

For Rajiv Dey, who works with Digi Captions, being a musician was not a part of the plan.
“I started the job before entering the music scene and it was in office that I met Arjun, who was equally passionate about music. We both like soft rock bands like ‘Coldplay’ and decided to play a similar genre of music together,” he explains.

And that’s how ‘Rush Led’ was formed. While Rajiv writes and sings, Arjun handles the technical side of the band. It’s definitely not easy as they have to deal with the whims and fancies of venue owners as well as rough days in office.

“Though it’s tough to balance both, struggle is a part of every artiste’s life. But office provides us our income so we believe in doing our best there no matter what,” he reasons.
‘Clown With A Frown’, a pop funk group, is one of the most popular bands in the City and some of its members hold regular office jobs. Pramod Pratap, the drummer and Kavya Lakshminarayanan, who plays the trumpet, are into advertising and software engineering respectively.

The two along with bandmates play an array of gigs across the City and country and are grateful to their office as well as bandmates for being understanding.
“Advertising is something I have always been interested in and music has also been a part of my life. I am passionate about both and nothing will hinder me from pursuing them,” explains Pramod, who works with Fisheye Creative. While Kavya, a techie, too enjoys computer science as much as music.
“Unless I get bored of computer science, I don’t want to pursue music full-time,” she quips. However, balancing the two fields is surely not a cakewalk.

“There are times when we practise five days a week after work. Initially, my family was concerned as they felt I was doing too much. I’d often leave home at 8.30 am and come back only after 10 pm and fall sick due to the lack of sleep. But things have become better now,” explains Kavya.
For some, pursuing music full-time is not really an option. Britto Laban, a guitarist who works as a consultant at AXA Business Services, would love to make music all the time but feels it may not be viable.
Says the guitarist of ‘Infinyght’, a metal band, “It’s extremely difficult to set aside time for work, music and family. Though we try to meet once a week, we end up meeting only three to four times in two months. But it’s important to hold a regular job as you get a steady source of income. Being a full-time music artiste also comes with its share of challenges.”

One more band that plays a number of gigs is ‘Lagori’ and its manager and guitarist Geeth Jason Vaz is into investment banking. So it goes without saying that finance and music are a part and parcel of his life.

“My financial schedule starts after 9.30 am so at times, I jam with my band as early as 6.30 am. I don’t know how I balance the two but somehow I do,” he laughs.
His tip to all is to enjoy whatever they are doing. “If you don’t do it when you are young, when else would you do it?” he sums up.