Duty-free shopping hits seven-year mark at Kempegowda Airport

Duty-free shopping hits seven-year mark at Kempegowda Airport

International departure area opens with refurbished new look

Duty-free shopping hits seven-year mark at Kempegowda Airport

Duty-free shopping hit the seventh year milestone at the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) here on Friday. But more pronounced than this landmark was travel retailer Nuance Group’s recent foray into an expanded, refurbished 9,000 sq ft duty-free zone in the international departure terminal area.


Foreign-bound travellers could now book a duty-free product from this departure zone at a five per cent discount, and pick it up on their arrival. Online booking option is also available at (www.bengalurudutyfree.in). 

“Although shopping by arriving international passengers contribute about 70 per cent of our business, the departure zone has emerged as our showcase,” informed Nuance Group Country-head, Anirban Dutta Chowdhury.

The message was clear: That the new departure duty-free zone, packed with multi-brand products, was designed to remind travellers that any duty-free product they intended to buy abroad was available right here in Bengaluru. 

And, at a cheaper price! A price-comparison chart between Bengaluru and Dubai rates for a range of products was tellingly displayed in the shopping area.

Three sectionsTwo weeks back, Nuance had unfurled one section showcasing liquor, tobacco products, perfumes and confectionaries; and another dedicated to technology and gadgets. A third section, designed with original Chettinad pillas from Kalaikudi to mimic a South Indian setting, will house fashion products. This part will be ready over the next three weeks, said Chowdhury.

Global brands did dominate most stores, indicating Nuance’s clear aim to replicate its duty-free shopping experience abroad. 

But did products sourced locally fit in their scheme of things? “Yes, five to ten per cent of our products on sale are local, as they are very attractive to foreigners. We are also trying to source local wines.” Chocolates wrapped in Bengaluru-themed graphics seemed to match that purpose.

35 pc foreignersIncidentally, foreigners have accounted for almost 35 per cent of buyers at the international departure duty-free zones since its renovated launch. 

“Among the leading buyers are travellers from Britain, Sri Lanka and Singapore. They spend a lot of time since they are at leisure after the security checks. We are especially surprised by the turnout at our technology products section,” Chowdhury observed.

Nuance Group had started its operations at KIA in May 2008. 

It currently has a global presence in 76 countries, spanning airports, cruises, ferries and other travel ports as a retail aggregator.