UP cop gets anti-rabies shot accidentally

UP cop gets anti-rabies shot accidentally

UP cop gets anti-rabies shot accidentally

It was a case of “khaki terror” boomeranging on a cop.
A cop, who had been advised a pain killing injection for his leg pain by a doctor at the government hospital in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur town, was reportedly administered an anti-rabies injection by the pharmacist.

The bizarre incident occurred at the district hospital at Gorakhpur on Monday.
According to reports, Niyaz Ahmed, a police inspector, had been having pain in his legs for several days. Ahmed approached the chief medical officer (CMO), who asked him to consult an orthopedic doctor.

Though there was a long queue before the doctor’s chamber, the cop barged in and met the doctor. He was prescribed an injection to lessen the pain, reports said.

Holding the prescription and accompanied by four constables, the cop reached the drug counter and bypassing the long queue of  patients, entered the injection room. He sternly asked a patient, who was lying on the table waiting to be injected, to leave and lay there instead after putting the prescription on an another table.

The cop had no idea that it was the time for giving anti-rabies injections to the people, who had been bitten by dogs. 

The patient, who was there on the table, was to be administered the same. The paramedic also did not realise that the patient on the table had changed and he administered the injection to the cop, who thought that he was being administered the injection prescribed by the orthopedic doctor.
All hell broke loose when the matter came to light. The cop threatened the paramedic and created a ruckus there.

The doctors, however, assured him that no harm would come to him because of the injection. They told him that he would not have to be given anti-rabies if he was bitten by a dog within six months.