Rickshaw puller attacked for demanding fare

Rickshaw puller attacked for demanding fare

Rickshaw puller attacked for demanding fare

Intercepting a passenger who walked off without paying the fare proved costly for a rickshaw puller  in south Delhi’s New Friends Colony, as the passenger repeatedly smashed his head with a beer bottle.

Rickshaw-puller Jaseem had to be admitted to Holy Family Hospital for treatment as he suffered severe injuries to the head. However, he is said to be out of danger now.

Jaseem’s cries for help drew the attention of passers-by, who overpowered the assailant.
He was handed over to the police and booked for attempt to commit culpable homicide based on the rickshaw puller’s statement.

Jaseem had picked up Mohd Juman from Surya Hotel in New Friends Colony around 8:30 pm on Sunday. Juman was dropped at his destination outside the gates of Holy Family Hospital.
“I stood there, expecting him to pay the fare. But he just walked away without giving any money. I repeatedly called out to him, but he ignored my calls and kept walking,” Jaseem told the police in his statement.

He chased Juman and caught hold of him to demand the fare. But as soon as Juman managed to shake him off, he reportedly launched a verbal assault on Jaseem.

Jaseem protested, upon which Juman threatened to show him his place. “He picked up an empty beer bottle lying nearby and began hitting me with it repeatedly,” said Jaseem.

Some passers-by rushed to Jaseem’s aid upon seeing him bleed profusely from the head. The assaulter tried to flee, but was caught and handed over to some policemen present on the hospital premises.

He was found to be a resident of Jamia Nagar, and visiting the hospital to meet a relative admitted there. He was soon arrested.
The victim, meanwhile, was taken to the same hospital, where he underwent treatment for his injuries.