UK carpet firm wins Delhi airport contract

World leader in design and manufacture of woven Axminster carpet, Brintons of Kidderminster (Central England), a British company has been awarded the contract to supply its product for the new terminal 3 building, which is under construction at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi.

The company said that its reputation for original designs, manufacturing quality carpets and its project management skills were central to winning the 3.4 million (pound sterling) Indian order.

The Terminal at the airport will be among the largest airport terminals in the world. It is scheduled for completion on time, before the 2010 Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi in October.

Brintons, a family-owned business was founded more than two centuries ago. The company’s latest order is to manufacture and supply 175,000 sq metres of woven Axminster carpet (total area of 24 football pitches) for different floor spaces within the Delhi airport terminal. It had also recently supplied carpets to Singapore’s Changi Airport.

Rich colours for India

Brintons’ design teams in Singapore and India have developed carpet designs that illustrate Delhi’s rich historical past and its modern present. Rich colours used in its designs have been picked from typical street scenes, monuments, foods and festivals in different regions of India.

The company’s global sales and marketing director Jon Stone, said, “We’re thrilled that we have been chosen as the exclusive supplier to Delhi Airport’s Terminal 3. We’re excited about getting down to work and delivering, what I think, will be one of the most visually stunning carpets that has ever been installed in an airport.  
The designs and colours are really vibrant and invigorating.”

He added, “Delhi will set a new benchmark for having a carpet that is both businesslike – something you expect to see in an airport and culturally stimulating as well as energetic.”