Yemalur lake sprayed with 1,000 litres of effective microbe solution

'Lack of management, non-cleaning of drains to blame for pollution of water body'

Yemalur lake sprayed with 1,000 litres of effective microbe solution

As a first step to cleaning the highly polluted Yemalur lake (Amanikere) at Yemalur Kodi, around 1,000 litres of Effective Microbes (EM1) solution was sprayed on Thursday using a Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) vehicle.

“The solution sprayed will help combat the odour and reduce the pollutants in the lake. We had sprayed the solution in Ulsoor lake and are doing the same on an experimental basis here. We plan to spray 3,500 litres of solution in two to three instalments,” said Kiran P Kulkarni, Managing Director of Propertyloop, which along the CSR team of Titan organised the spraying.

Mahadevapura MLA, Arvind Limbavali, said that close to 96 lakes in his constituency needed spraying. “I have directed the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) to prepare a Detailed Project Report (DPR) on the lake’s development. The revenue department has already undertaken a survey to find out the extent of encroachments,” he added. Yemalur lake falls under the jurisdiction of the BDA.

Environmentalist Yellappa Reddy blamed lack of management and non-cleaning of a storm water drain (SWD), which connects to the Yemalur lake, for the problem. “Garbage gets accumulated in the SWD as sewage flows directly into the lake, leading to bioaerosol (virus and bacteria) accumulation. The anaerobic bacteria forms the toxic gaseous substances, in turn leading to formation of methane. When the froth forms, it flies with bioaerosol which is dangerous for residents and animals staying close by,” Reddy explained.

Residents complain that canals block the flow of water from the SWD in Yemalur lake to Varthur lake. Suresh Babu, a resident, said: “The mosquito menace has increased and people are facing respiratory problems. Dangerous chemicals get their way into the lake from HAL, NAL, Jakkasandra industry area and other industries.”
Another resident said DivyaSree Developers and other apartments had encroached upon the canals.

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