Two meows in Search of a Home

Last Updated 21 January 2010, 13:52 IST

Hello!!! We are two adorable male kittens, looking for a good home. We are vaccinated and will be sterilised. We looooove to play and mama says we have the cutest faces in the world.

We live in Palm Meadows in Whitefield with our foster mom Anya. If you are interested in adopting us, please call Anja at 900 834 4811 and come visit us for a non-obligation visit.

Vanita Mirchandani-Alberts
91 9980005087

The Sweet Dream Fairy

I had a dream lately,
about this beautiful fairy
who could grant me two wishes
just when her wand wishes
this was indeed amazing
I could fulfil my heart’s craving
I could also see God’s loving angel
But I had to make a choice
By listening to my mind’s voice
what are those wishes to be?
I could ask for money and properties
or ask for health and happiness?
or plead for honour and respect?
But my mind craved for all these!

M. Rishek, VII, Don Bosco School

In the sea

Just imagine - that you came to a beach to have some fun,
 you enjoyed a lot under the bright sun....
But just when you were playing...you fell!
you started drowning-too weak to yell(for help)
All you saw was a tall coconut tree,
and soon you were completely in the sea...
The wierd part is that you still survive,
but still in the sea struggling but alive.
 just then you see a shark!!!
 and on his skin was a small mark.
how would you survive, you cant do anything..
to survive-----stop imagining!!

Shivangi Dharne

(Published 21 January 2010, 13:51 IST)

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