Man robs bank to arrange dowry for his daughter

Man robs bank to arrange dowry for his daughter

Man robs bank to arrange dowry for his daughter

In a bizarre incident, a father, Kanhaiya Yadav, robbed a bank in Bhagalpur because he could not arrange the dowry amount for his younger daughter’s wedding on time.

Dowry in Bihar is a common social evil where the bride’s family has to pay in cash or kind before the auspicious wedding takes place.

Though the dowry amount to be given to his daughter’s would-be father-in-law Rudal Yadav was Rs 4.8 lakh, the bride side looted Rs 49 lakh from Bihar Gramin Bank in Bhagalpur, some 250 kms from the state capital.

A first-of-its-kind robbery took the Bihar police by surprise. When the Zonal IG Bachchu Singh Meena, Bhagalpur Senior SP (SSP) Vivek Kumar and other police officials reached the incident site, they found a bike which was used in the crime but left abandoned by miscreants after it punctured.

Thereafter, a special police team was constituted to crack the case, which was also being personally monitored by Bihar DGP PK Thakur. The recovery of bike helped the police in apprehending Sattan Yadav, an auto driver, whose vehicle was used in the bank robbery. More raids followed. Sattan confessed before the police that the entire robbery plan was hatched by Kanhaiya, as he had failed to arrange money for his daughter’s marriage.

“Altogether seven persons, including Kanhaiya’s eldest son-in-law Mithilesh, were involved in the crime. We have arrested four, including Mithilesh, and recovered Rs 6 lakh out of the total looted amount. Of this, Rs 3.97 lakh was stashed in the refrigerator of Kanhaiya’s eldest daughter Ruchi Devi,” said the Bhagalpur SSP.

Further raids are on to nab the main culprit Kanhaiya and his other absconding accomplices.