An obsession and a love

Once regarded as the little broadcast wonder, this humble gadget almost lost its sheen ever since the ubiquitous television flooded our households. And with the widespread use of the internet, there was little reason for anyone to tune in a radio programme.

In an age where eye-catching visuals and gleaming live footages rule the roost, radio with its supposed shortcomings, had become quite unobtrusive. Nonetheless, thanks to revival of the FM broadcast which has become the most sought after form of entertainment for people on the move, this unassuming receiver of wireless signals has got a new lease of life.

My first tryst with radio began way back in the late 90s when I was in the high school. A friend of mine had bought a radio set and he would listen to its programmes daily. His disinclination to give the radio set to anyone would often leave me yearning for the little prodigy.

Some years later, my joy knew no bounds when I bought a radio set for myself. I couldn’t help clasping it. I’d immerse myself deep harking to the wonderful programmes being aired on it. These would stoke my imagination and I’d be lost in the beauty and the astounding flow of words streaming out of them.

This addiction to radio didn’t stop even after I stepped into college life. The first thing I used to do after returning home from college was to turn the radio on and listen to its broadcasts before attending to other chores. Mother would tick me off over my ‘affair’ with the radio, but I’d not heed.

I’d soothe under the feel of old Hindi songs for hours, humming and crooning them several times when Vividh Bharathi aired them. And listening to the BBC Radio, especially its Urdu and Hindi services, was altogether a different experience. Its signature tunes always captivated me.

This joyous association, however, was not to last long. Ever since my China-made radio set developed glitches and I came of age, there is little time that I get for invoking this obsession. Nonetheless, I do try to relive the fascination by pouncing over the new radio set I bought some time ago. But, sadly its charm is not the same.

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