Winning laurels all the way

Winning laurels all the way

Since childhood, Akash Kumar R had a fascination — and that was academics. Needless to say, he pursued it with dedication throughout his student life.   

Now an engineering graduate and manager of ‘ACT Fibernet’, Akash has been winning laurels for his efforts all along.

A computer science engineer from Bangalore Institute of Technology, he recently secured  first rank in computer science and received  five gold medals for the achievement.

Looking back at his success path, he says,  “I have always tried to give my best and
not worry about the results.” Akash does not forget to add that he received immense support from his college faculty. 

 They advised him to have a strong vision. “And I just followed the vision,” he says.  
An ambitious young person, he has dreams for the future. “I want  to work for an organisation that cares for the society and continuously strives hard to make life

He says that he never wanted to be a rank holder, but always gave his complete “attention to whatever he liked. “My teachers, parents and friends are equal contributors to my success,” he explains with pride.

Son of businessman Rajmal and homemaker Sunitha, he points out that his source of inspiration has always been his mother. He adds, “I have always tried to follow my principles, many of which I derive from the thoughts of great men   like Tirthankara Mahavira, and Swami Vivekananda and entrepreneurs like Bill Gates.” 

Apart from his academic brilliance, this former student of Christ Pre-University,  has also bagged many awards for active participations in fields like ‘Centre for Social Action’, street
theatre plays, mathematics lecture contests and more.

He says that he follows simple formula to study and explains, “Being attentive in class wins half the battle. My attendance was 99 per cent! I worked everyday and covered the topics explained in the class on a day-to-day basis. I started by working hard and then with experience, I transformed that into smart work.”  But he says there are always challenges.

He details, “I have always felt that there was a huge gap between what we studied and the current trends in technology. That our lab­ practicals are more focussed on marks than practical knowledge leaves you undone.”   
There’s more to Akash and his interests. He loves developing applications for new concepts. That is when he is  not reading books, gaming, dancing or playing football.

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