Tried tandoori momos yet?

For years, Dilliwallahs have been thrilling their taste-buds with chatpate gol gappes and die-for Kathi rolls from Chowringhee found in Amar Colony, a busy market in the heart of Lajpat Nagar IV, south Delhi.

However, the recent introduction of the mouth-watering tandoori momos in Amar Colony’s food hub, has set off a feeling of insatiable gluttony in the heart of every foodie residing in Lajpat Nagar and the nearby localities.

Titled ‘Hunger Strike’, the spot is seemingly most crowded amongst all other food joints in the entire block.

The owners say, “We started the tradition of tandoori momos in Delhi.” Whereas QD’s, a famed fast food restaurant in Delhi University’s North and South Campus has been serving people with the same dish, though without the striking gravy that Hunger Strike’s tandoori momos are served with.

Brainchild of Rakesh Chadha, the food outlet is jointly owned by Pankaj Rana, Siddharth Singh and Abhishek Gujral. “We started selling the same dishes in Jammu. Four years ago we came to Delhi and inaugurated Hunger Strike, and as it appears, people love our food items,” says Singh.

While there is a surfeit of steamed and fried momos available in every nook and corner of the city, the tandoori version is undoubtedly scarce and in great demand.

As a food item, new additions are regularly made to make the momos better and tastier, like the chaat-masala which is now generously sprinkled over steamed momos. Yet one tends to get bored of the same taste and chutney which momos are usually served with.
Speaking of Hunger Strike’s tandoori momos, a first-timer might feel a little surprised with the gravy which accompanies the serving. The momos are crisp and soft, spicy and flavoured with a sumptuous amount of gravy, which tastes like an apt mixture of dahi and green chutney and a mild blend of North-Indian spices.

On being asked the secret ingredient of this gravy, the owners refuse to reveal the recipe of the delectable food item. “My brother Rakesh has worked really hard in discovering the appropriate ingredients for the desired kind of flavours and I would want this milestone to be amongst us alone,” says Singh.

One feels content yet curious to unravel the mystery of the tangy gravy which is also served with other dishes, such as Mughlai Chaap and Malai Chaap.

While every passerby walks with a plate of chicken or veg tandoori momos, or malai chaap or shawarma from this delightful food spot, the nearby kathi rolls, chaat and gol gappe seem to be losing their hold on people’s palate.

Ashutosh Virmani, a young student, says he visits Hunger Strike at least three times in a week. “I am really bored of the steamed momos that are served everywhere. I love the Mughlai chaap and chicken tandoori momos with the delicious mayonnaise that bhaiya serves here. It is reasonably priced and conveniently fits my pocket. It is undoubtedly my favourite hang-out spot in the evening!” he tells Metrolife.

A place with “customers who come from all parts of the National Capital Region”, as Singh claims, is surely worth a visit. So, make a trip to this pocket-friendly food joint in Amar Colony and try their famous tandoori momos today!

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