Let there be white light

Negative feelings sap you of energy, making you feel worried, pessimistic, depressed and totally exhausted. Feelings of irritation, constant criticism, incessant nagging and relentless bitterness are sure signs of negativity surrounding you.

The moment you see yourself sinking into frustration, agony, sorrow and low self-esteem, you need to take charge. Get rid of toxic feelings and steer clear of the suffocating black energy in order to unleash the white light, the protective cover.

The white light symbolises positivity, fertility and auspiciousness. Positive thoughts help you cope better with the daily affairs of life. It brings sanguinity into your life, making it easier to shun suspicions and negative thinking. If you espouse it as a way of life, you will certainly be more joyful and saner. The formula is to look at the brighter side of life, with the anticipation of the best to come.

Constructive opinions, creative ideas, optimism, motivation, inspiration, hopes for success are all in the illuminated mind. Such views give you the strength not to give up, even when you encounter obstacles in your way. Problems appear to be blessings in disguise, while patience and determination will make you realise that every cloud has a silver lining. You become solution-centric rather than drowning in the pool of problems. Unwavering belief in your strengths, strong self-esteem with a dash of confidence gives you the guts to rise up against all odds. You recognise opportunities, and when the door opens you are ready to take a plunge into it.

Take the lesson

A positive attitude leads to happiness and success; it can change your whole life. If you look at the world with an affirmative paradigm, your whole life will brighten up; affecting not only you, but also your environment and the people around you. The best part is that confidence, charm and optimism, when strong enough, become contagious. It’s as if you
radiate light around you. You feel energetic and refreshed with renewed faith in your abilities, with hope for a brighter future. Others will look upon you as a source of motivation and inspiration. As a result, you will get more respect and love from people.

Life smiles at you, and when you glance back, you see that all the disappointments in life were the building blocks to fix the jigsaw puzzle of your life. There is a lesson to be learned from each difficulty. No matter how unfortunate the situation is, take the lesson. Whatever life throws onto your path, convert it into a stepping stone to success. Have big dreams and wake up to chase them. Life is too short to hold on to resentments, cry over spilled milk or even think of it. If you’re not facing problems, you are not growing.

Adieu darkness

If you have been exhibiting a negative attitude, darkness is sure to fill your life. You need to have a crystal clear lens of looking at yourself. Now is the time to change the way you think. It is time to get rid of negative thoughts and behaviour, and start leading a contented and successful life. And here’s how you can do it:

Make it compulsory to be happy. Everyone comes with life’s baggage of ups and downs; you have to decide which one to pick. Yes, it is a matter of choice. When negative thoughts enter your mind, just refuse to entertain them, substitute them with happy thoughts.

Continue to be optimistic. Look at the greener side of life. If it is not visible on the first glance, make repeated attempts. The fog will automatically clear, and you will get a lucid view of where life’s taking you. Circumvent any pessimism and stay away from de-motivating people.  Associate yourself with cheerful people.

Practice the attitude of gratitude. Appreciate all that you have and hope for the best to come. What’s there not to be grateful? You are alive and breathing! Realise and appreciate how lucky you are to have your life filled with abundance. Count the blessings and miracles in your life, start looking for them and you shall find more.

Wear a smile always. Find reasons to smile more often. Have faith in yourself, and believe that the entire universe is out there to help you when you’re determined to reach your goals. There is no more stopping you!

Read inspiring stories and quotes, watch motivational movies, and cuddle yourself with a book that peps your mood up, broadening your perspective. The quest for knowledge is never-ending.

Break the pattern of self-pity and negative downward spiral when life just isn’t going your way. Visualise only what you want to happen, develop a vivid picture in your mind. Learn and re-learn to master your thoughts. Repeat affirmations that inspire and motivate you.

Like any other habit, staying positive takes practice. Begin with a tiny step, pay attention to your emotions, and determine to change. Keep going at it, and you will steadily become a positive source of energy. Wouldn’t that be empowering?

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