As luck would have it


As luck would have it

A little birdie flying high, dropped a message from the sky! “Oh!” said Anjali, wiping her eye, “Isn’t it lucky, cows don’t fly!”

I was walking the distance from the auto to office. It is not even a minute’s walk. What can happen? Apparently, a lot of things.

As I got out of the auto, I was about to walk under a ladder. My friend pulled me back roughly. In the bargain, there were huge scratches on my hand. She told me she had prevented me from getting bad luck — I really don’t know how, since I ended up with such long scratch marks that it looked like I had a fight with a cat.

I told her this, and guess what — just then, a black cat crossed my path. She was hysterical! “Please go home! This is bad luck!” I said “Bah! I don’t believe in superstitions. It’s all s**t.”

And then, s**t happened... and it happened all over me. A pigeon decided I looked like a nice place to poop, and poop she did.

“Holy crap! What in the world just happened?” — I was horrified, and not to forget, wet to the bone.

My friend — she was delighted! “You know, that’s a sign of good luck. That’s a sign that something good is in store for you — so you need not go back home now.”

But I still did, not because of the black cat, but because of the stupid pigeon — it had pooped all over me, and had done a thorough job at that — the droppings were on my face, clothes, hair, and bag. I tried getting a shower from the lady watering the front garden at the bank — ignoring stares from those entering office, but it didn’t help. I was literally in deep s**t.

I went home, and after a nice shower — did I just say, “A” shower? Sorry, five showers. I finally came out squeaky clean.

I headed back to office, since I had some urgent work to get done that day.
Believe me, when they say that news spreads like wildfire. Everyone was talking about it. To add insult to injury, these incidents had caused a huge discussion in my team.

So, did these incidents taken together mean that overall it was good luck or bad luck? Mind you, this happened to me on Friday the 13th! So the discussion was all the more heated. The good part was that no one was making fun of me, since they were all involved in an “intellectual” discussion on the hidden meaning of the morning’s incidents.
“See, first it was the ladder, and then the black cat. That was the tell-tale sign. It meant you should’ve gone home.” Sure, why not, I felt a laugh rise to my throat as I recalled what Groucho Marx had said, “A black cat crossing your path signifies that... the animal is going somewhere.”

“No, it is just that it was Friday the 13, so bad things just happen,” quipped another. Hmm... a friggatriskaidekaphobic!

“I tell you, a pigeon pooped on you — it means you are in for a surprise — a pleasant one,” said a third. “How lovely, wish it happened to you,” I thought vengefully.

“Bad luck comes in threes. There were three incidents — so you have nothing to worry about. Your bad luck streak is over.”
The debate was raging on, when Mr Boss comes up to the team and yells — “Why is no one working?”

They chorused, “It’s Anjali!”
I nearly fell out of my seat.
“What about Anjali?” he barked.
The entire tale was repeated, and then he said, “I don’t care if a pigeon pooped on her, or a crow. I just want the work done. Everyone has good luck if it is completed in time, and if not, bad. You have one hour’s time to decide your luck”.

Moral of the story: There is such a thing as reading the signs — Holy crap! I guess you think I meant the ladder, or the black cat, or the pigeon. Nooo, of course not, I just meant, read the signs. If your boss is angry, you work. And secondly, s**t happens. Move on, everyone has limited memory and definitely, better things to do.

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