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Beating the superwoman complex

*A phenomenon is becoming increasingly prevalent among my circle of friends and acquaintances: ambitious, successful and talented women are suffering from an ever-diminishing sense of humour, and an unrelenting need to prove that they are equal, if not superior to, the men in their lives.

*This type of behaviour is perhaps necessary in some arenas. When there is still a substantial pay gap between the sexes and people feel comfortable expressing sentiments such as “woman + ambition = bitch” in a public, albeit anonymous, forum, women need their armour of cold tenacity and competitiveness, but professional battles seem to be increasingly spilling over into personal lives. It’s what I refer to as the superwoman complex. So many modern women have fought so hard for freedom and independence that even when we have careers, homes and husbands, we still can’t take a back seat and stop trying to prove ourselves. 

*So, what is the solution? Should a man concede every argument to appease the superwoman in his life? Should women be allowed to get away with this type of aggressive behaviour? Personally, I think it’s unfair to use the men in our lives as punchbags in order to prove our strength. A partner shouldn’t be a pedestal which we perch upon to prove our supremacy. Yes, we had to fight long and hard for our independence and yes, prejudice and inequality still exist, but when we find a man who regards us as equal, as truly secure women, shouldn’t we learn to reciprocate that respect?

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