Congress to decide on new CMC chief

Congress to decide on new CMC chief

City Municipal Council President Julekabi will complete her 15-month term on Monday. According to the internal understanding of Congress members, a new president has to be elected for the next term now. While the Congress leaders are finalising the names for the post of president, BJP is trying to take advantage of the situation.

The election to CMC president was held in last March. During the election, it was decided to share the power between Julekabi and Srimathi Bangera for 15 months each. According to the understanding, the first term will be completed on Monday.Srimathi Bangera should have been elected for the second term. However, Julekabi had appealed to the Party leaders to extend her term as there was a code of conduct when she was elected as the President. Hence, no development work could be initiated. But Srimathi has questioned it and has reportedly said that the power should be entrusted to her.

Meanwhile, a Congress source said, “There is no confusion. Former MP H Vishwanath will convene a meeting and take a decision within a week.” Looking at the developments in the Congress, BJP is making trying to take advantage of this situation.

The total number of members in the CMC is 23. Congress has 10, BJP 8, SDPI 4 and JD(S) one member in the council. The Congress has the vote of MLC T John while BJP has MLA Appachu Ranjan and MP Prathap Simha’s votes. Going by this, the Congress has 11 votes while BJP has 10.

SDPI had stayed neutral during the election to the President during last term. Looking at it, the SDPI is likely to remain neutral, it is said.