Today's letters.

Today's letters.

Ban illogical restrictions

 Sir, It is high time for the Government at the centre to initiate measures like enacting new constitutional rule in effectively ensuring the basic rights of Indian citizen in his own mother country. There should be a blanket  ban on illogical restrictions by State authorities on Indian citizens over language and other issues.
There seem to be undue illogical restrictions placed by local dadhas which threaten the very existence of the nation. As such, all sorts of regional satraps' obnoxious restrictions should be banned by constitutional law to ensure peaceful living of an Indian citizen in his own country. Those who  create problems on the basis of language should be mercilessly punished by enacting special law in the interest of the unity and integrity of the nation.   

V S Ganeshan
AECS Layout 2nd stagee
3rd Main Road(Near RMS)
Bangalore-94   .

Discretion of Franchises
Sir,  It is very clear that people on both sides of the border have not understood the concept of IPL . GOI is  clear about it, because they are not involved in selection and so on ---.

The players picked by Franchisee’s are their choice. If , Pakistanis  or otherwise are not picked up for IPL III, it need not arouse emotional outbursts in  Pakistan or India/ or elsewhere. The whole episode needs to be viewed as  a commercial venture..

 The franchisees have learnt their lessons after two IPLS, and today  when one or two slots are available-----,it is their discretion!!!

Pakistan  should understand that , things have changed since 1947,and should decide on what is best  for them instead of being dogmatic.

Bashing India ,   ----., is  eternal ”JIHAD”, since  both became independent countries , India has left behind  excess baggage of partition, which the world acknowledges. And Pakistan still adheres to .

M..S.Sharada Prasad
BTM 1st stage,
Bangalore 560 068.

Diplomatic barbs
This is with reference to IPL fuels diplomatic barbs appearing in DH dated 22JAN10
Pak Govt intervening in the commercial business of IPL is regrettable. So far Indian Govt is concerned its involvement is to the extent of granting visas to Pak players and not in the selection of a cricket team. Hence it is crystal clear that Pak interior Minister Rehman Malik is using Pak cricket players as a medium to divert the core issue of bringing justice to the perpetrators of the 26/11. Such gimmicks will help refurbishing the sagging image of that country. Pak must understand that selection of Pak cricket team rests with the PCB so also IPL selections of the players are with the franchises.
Pak must realize that IPL stands for Indian Premier League and not Indo-Pak League.

Deepak Chikramane
Ridiculous statement
Pakistani Minister’s comment on rejection of Pakistani players for 3rd edition of IPL is absolutely ridiculous. They should realise that, if there were no respect for Pakistani players they would not have been selected for the previous editions of IPL, It is very clearly evident and unfortunate that, Pakistani administration will be always trying to disturb the peace process finding some or the other excuses. Selection of Players for IPL is nothing to do with diplomatic relations between India and Pakistan.
Mr.S.M.Krishna, our external affairs minister has made it very clear that they should not mingle the issues. But still, Pakistani Sports minister and Interior ministers are trying to politicise the issue by refusing to send their parliamentary deligation to India which will only strain the diplomatic relations between the two countries . Pakistani administration should realise that, Indian govt has even issued visas to Pakistani players to enable them to applear for IPL. It is only IPL Franchisees who have not opted for Pakistani crickets due to uncertainty of their availability during matches.

Anantha Padmanabha
Janapriyanivas Apts
Hesaraghatta main road
Bangalore 90
Secure country first
 Sir, With an increase in tensions between India and Pakistan,the Intelligence Agencies have 'warned' of a possible hijack of an Indian flight by the LeT or Taliban terror group.It must be said that our security at the airports are just an appology for security.Whatever,others might think,unless,our UPA Government sheds it's policy of appeasement and keeps certain groups out of reach of sensitive areas,our security is going to be vulnerable.
In trying to put up a secular face the Congress lead Indian Government must not weaken our security system.The Nation comes first and everything else comes later.
M.V Nahusharaj
Palmsprings Layout
Kanakapura Main Rd
Bangalore 560 062

‘Communal’ agenda
Sir, The news item: ‘US stamps’ on Hindu deities spark debate’ (DH Jan 22) makes for an interesting reading.  Whether the USA stamps depicting Hindu deities are genuine or counterfeit, it is for the administration to find out and clarify its genuineness or otherwise.  Naturally, Hindu community of that region is happy about the decision.  It may be pointed out here that some time back, certain foreign firm printed Hindu deities on the under garments resulting in widespread protests and the whole consignment was withdrawn to stop the rage from going out of control.

More than the US populace, our ‘secular’ politicians may be incensed about the administrations ‘communal’ agenda and perhaps seething in anger!

II Stage, Rajajinagar
Too much cricket
There was no bidder for Pakistani players at the auction at Indian Premiere League (IPL). Definitely, it is because of fear of hassle free matches as Indo-Pak relations are strained. Pakistan is not taking concrete steps to put an end to terrorism from its soil against India. IPL cricket matches are purely commercial venture and proprietors just do not wish any kind of obstructions from any angle including political one. Politics and sports should never be mixed but here question is of two countries’ politics and not internal politics of India only.

Pakistan government is acting in the expected manner to exploit this situation in its favour. The Pakistani cricketers- individually- may not be responsible for such a strained Indo-Pak relations; and no efforts seemingly are being taken by Pakistan government on this front. But they shall and are suffering for it. Had Indian cricketers suffered in the same way in Pakistan, what would have Indian government and individual cricketers stand?

There is too much cricket round the year .It is better to restrict it by abandon IPL matches as it is resulting in more strained results with our neighboring country Pakistan. We cannot change our neighbourers and try our best to have best possible relations. Many times in the past Indo –Pak matches have tried to improve our relations individually so with same logic put an end to IPL!

Mahesh Kumar
Connaught Place,
New Delhi 110 001

Setback for Karnataka naturopaths

Sir, In a recent Notification the KPSC has called applicants  for appointment of  Naturopathy Physicians.(No PSC 1 RTB-3/2009 dt 23.12.2009).  What is surprising is the qualifications which they have asked for.  It reads:

   “Must be a holder of a Diploma in Natorupathy of 4 ½  Years duration of any of Institutions  Namely,

a)Gandhi Nature Cure College, Hyderabad

b)National College of Naturopathy and Research Lucknow


Must be a holder of a degree in Ayurvadha with 2 years Diploma in Naturopathy and Yoga awarded by Board of Studies in Indian Medicine Karnataka.

This is a major set back for the Karnataka Naturopathy physicians who hold a Bachelors of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, issued by the Rajeev Gandhi University of Health Sciences,Karnataka.

 This means that the five year degree given by RGUHS of our own state is   rated much lesser than diploma holders  from Lucknow and Hyderabad? This is an injustice meted out to the BNYS Graduates. If this were the case why did the government allow the colleges to conduct the programme under RGUHS and require the doctors to register for practice under AYUSH ?  The qualification for Naturopathy doctors should be BNYS of RGUHS and not  diploma holders or Ayurveda doctors.  I hope the authorities will give an ammendment to the notification, immediately and give justice to BNYS doctors.

Hudco Colony
 Manipal 576 104

 IPL- A case of mishandling and missed opportunity
Sir, Sport has always been regarded as a fine cementing force to bridge the chasm and acting as a balm to the strained relations between we two neighbors. Cricket, in particular, has attained such religious cult status and highly emotive issue in both Pakistan and India was needed to be treated in a very sensitive and careful manner. In this regard the way the Pakistani cricketers were 'technically boycotted' by IPL franchises has sent wrong signals and its adverse repercussions on the relations between the two neighbors was both understandable and on expected lines ("IPL fuels diplomatic barbs", Jan. 22).
No one can be blind to the fact that the rejection of Pakistani cricketers was entirely on political grounds with no relation to cricketing considerations, however much the franchise selectors want the public to believe otherwise. Both Indian government and IPL administrators are equally guilty of ostrich like attitude by mixing politics with sports, though publicly professing the contrary. Their duplicity like hunting with the hounds and running with hares resulting in an entirely avoidable diplomatic barbs has been badly exposed while a God sent good oppertunity for easing relations has been missed out.
H.R.Bapu Somasekhar

Check past records
Sir, Before crying wolf over their non-inclusion in the IPL contingents, the Pakistani cricketers should check their own past records about display of sportsmanship on the field; be it cricket or hockey.  On a number of occasions, many of the leading players were penalized for infringing the rules of the game. Their hockey team had once faced a ban for two years as a result of indecent behaviour by the team members. On individual basis, some of their top cricketers were heavily penalized in the past for breach of discipline.

Arun Malankar
Kalina, Santa Cruz (E),
Mumbai 400098

Puzzling reply
Krishna’s reply to the reaction of Pak PM was rather puzzling one.After all we can keep the sports above politics. IPL scenario has triggered a sort of fresh rivalry between the two of the close neighbours fo ra long time.Interestingly COngress led UPA blows the trumpets of all sorts of Secular whistles but only during the COngress regimes the friendly ties suffer. On the other hand during the times of Vajpayee led BJP Govt ruling the relationship was much better with the PAK.It only goes to prove that the positive attitude matters.UPA now also messing up the Kasab trial very badly and our Govt seemed to have totally forgotten the 26/11 totally.Price Rise seems have been the evil which we may have to  endure than curing!UPA seemed to have lost the direction fully and the voting mass are the worst and undeserving suffering lot.After all you get the Govt you deserve!God can try to save INDIA

IPL drama will be held at the cost of the neighbours namely India and Pakistan and soon we may have an IPL at the political level with the Pak PM bowling and Dr Singh batting on!

7-A, Prashanthi Apts.
T.M.Maistry St.
Chennai - 600 041

Commercialisation of cricket
Sir, Though India has a population of over a billion our ranking in sports and games are very low in the world excepting for cricket which is played by a very few nations. Even in Cricket small States /Nations like Sri Lanka, Pakistan & Bangladesh are giving tough fight to us. Of late commercialising of cricket in a big way through IPL, has created heart burn with others involved in other games and sports.
This will no doubt further put down the Nation in the world rankings. The recent incidents players refusing to playthe game in Hockey, the incident connected with Bindra and that of Women's hockey are only a few examples of desperation by sports population in India.
 It is time now for the Country including corporate sponsers to look into this and stop the hype over cricket, promote & encourage all games with out bias. In fact the games& sports in which we are weak needs more support. The media and also should focus on all sportsman instead of only cricketers.

If this is not done we will be nowhere in the map of sports and let us understand with all the money and hype we are not in the top spot even in the field of Cricket. In fact Cricket has become a money game rather than a sport.

Sri Mahaveer Gardenia,
Kumaraswamy layout,
Bangalore 560078

Childish furore

Sir: The furore over not selecting Pakistan cricketers by the IPL franchises is childish. Afterall, their interest in playing in IPl was to only make Money and not for the love of India. They should understadn that the relationship between India and Pakistan is not good and the biggest problem IPL would have faced , had they taken in any Pakistan player , is security and safety of the players. IPL has done a good thing in keeping the Pakistan players out of IPL3. They should not entertain Pakistan players until the relationship between India and Pakistan is normal and the Pakistan improves its behvaiour towards India.

Tiara, Alvares Rd,
Mangalore 575002

Don’t politicize IPL issue

Sir, The IPL 3 bidding was a low key affair, as the franchises had decided to invest in players who could be available. It is sad that the Pakistani players were the biggest causalities in this cricket drama. The organizers are not to be blamed for the fiasco as the franchises have the right to pick players of their choice. There is no point in politicizing the issue, as the government of India too cannot do much in this regard.

K. Amul Chander
Vidyaranyapura (Post)

Bangalore has become a criminals' paradise.
Sir, Crime and criminals are growing at an alarming and fast rate which threatens safety of innocent citizens.  I really wonder why our politicians,  even judges and lawyers are not showimng any interest in expansion of judiciary. As per today's report Veerappa Moily wants to release 1.25 lakh undertrials who are slogging in jails to be released without any trial. If so what is the fun of arresting criminals, making them slog in jails spoiling mental peace to their relatives. This amounts to misuse of human resources and human rights. Besides since our countrys governance is caste and religion oriented it would be advisable to take census of all criminals' caste and religion for reformation, if any paticular caste or religion is more in crimes.

 B S Ganesh,    
Bangalore, 560 019

Maharashtra : Rule of licence
It is a sigh of relief that the Maharashtra government has rescinded its decision to issue license to only such of the taxi drivers who know Marathi and have domiciled in Maharashtra for over 15 years.   Now the Maharashtra government is a little generous to think on the line of issuing license to those who know local language like Hindi and Gujarati.   It is unfortunate that the Maharashtrians seem to think that all Indians other than those from Maharashtra are aliens.   This attitude is not conducive for promoting national integrity.   If every state starts developing such outlooks with people hailing from other states, it spells disunity among Indians.   The people of India should resist such moves.   

K.V. Seetharamaiah
Venkata-Bindu Nilaya,
Vidyanagara First Stage,