Quarry is affecting nature in Kadur

Quarry is affecting nature in Kadur

Quarry is affecting nature in Kadur

 A Partial view of relentless quarrying going on in Kadur taluk.While the continuous blasts are compelling the animals and birds to flee from the region, the toxic dust of the blast is settling on the vegetation around the area, marring the beauty of the nature and affecting the health of the people.

Usually a specific species of bird migrates to Kadur area from Siberia during this season for breeding but off late the number of migrating birds have dwindled drastically due to the mining activities.

It is said that in the good old days the forest here had dense population of wild animals like the leopards, bear, fox, monitors snakes etc but today there are hardly any of the wild animals left in the forest.

The toxic dust which is settling on the plants and trees is having adverse affect on the crops as well. Since it has an impact on pollination of the plants the yield in many crops have decreased.

There are about 25 spots where mining is going on in Malleshwara GP limits. In survey no 118, Geological Survey of India has given license to as many as 12 miners to carry on mining in 170 acres of land. However 13 illegal mining operations have come to light here.

While all this happening blatantly, district administration, Geological Survey of India, Revenue Department as well as the politicians are not taking any action, which itself has raised many questions.

Villagers say that district administration, various departments concerned and elected representatives have a unholy nexus with the mine owners and that is the reason for their silence.