For the love of literature in college

For the love of literature in college

Which literature lover does not like to spend a quiet afternoon with his Wordsworth and Poe, sipping on tea and the beautiful symphonies of words? After developing a taste for literature in school, many youngsters find it hard to continue this leisurely habit in the strenuous life of college, as Metrolife learned.

Raghav Arora, who just cleared his Class 12 Board exams, says,“I want to go to an engineering college, but I also love to read and write in my free time. I hope whatever college I go to has a literary society or club for me to learn more about words.”

Literary societies in college are a great thing to be a part of, if you’re a lover of words and fine writing. And, it does not even matter whether you like to recite, read or write. “Being a part of a literary club is great fun. You get to expand on your knowledge by having discussions, and you also learn to be creative while thinking of new event ideas for other students outside the club,” Tanisha Rohatgi tells Metrolife.

Lady Shri Ram College student Swastika tells us about the literary society of her college. “Our society is called Expressions. It offers us a unique space to revel in our love for the literature and write away to glory.” Expressions holds a fresher’s literature competition every year, which is called Rhetorica. Delegations from the society are also sent to various events and functions throughout the semesters.

Sahityaankan, the literary society of Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, derives its name from the Hindi word “Sahitya” or literature. The society holds regular meetings on the grassy college lawns, where the small but intimate group of members come and discuss books, and even their writings and articles. Shubham, the current president of the society, tells Metrolife, “Our success as a society depends on what kind of listeners we are. We don’t just encourage writing amongst our members; we also encourage listening and reading. That’s how a person grows.”

Sneha, a member of the literary club of NIFT, Delhi, tells us about the diverse activities the club performs. “We publish a bi-monthly newspaper called the “Literary club newsletter” which outlines the various activities and events happening in the college. We hold an annual Hindi Literature event called “Hindi Diwas” every year. We also do weekly film screening and photowalks as a part of the club,” she tells Metrolife.

The Amity Law School’s Literary Society (ALSLS) is another such amazing society for literature lovers. The society holds annual events aimed at nurturing talent and bringing together writers, intellectuals, student and scholars. The society even has an active blog which encourages its members to take up the initiative of boosting their literary skills. Sitwat Nabi, the deputy convener of the Society says, “ALSLS desires to make students appreciate the gleam of ‘literary spark’ evidently experienced in matters of everyday life.” The Bhagwan Pashruram Institute of Technology (BPIT), also has a literary club called Voice. It annually organises a literary fest called Eloquence which is quite famous in the Indraprastha
University Campus.

“It seems that lovers of technology also hide amongst themselves skilled writers, readers and debaters,” Anuj Talwar, the head of the society, tells Metrolife.

An individual holds many interests which are close to his heart. However, it is not possible to pursue all of them. That does not mean that one should forget about them. Talents and interests of any kind are there to be nurtured and improved upon for the betterment of our personalities. The above mentioned literary societies help such people to nurture their love for words, all through their college years. For you never know which talent of yours makes your destiny in the future!

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