The meaning of Republic Day

The meaning of Republic Day

Ashwin, Student
“Republic Day is an important day for every Indian. It is on this day that the Indian Constitution was adopted. This was the day when our rights and duties were brought to a concrete form. It holds a lot of value in every Indian’s heart and mind. India’s Constitution was displayed to the world on this day. Many great scholars and freedom fighters have put in their efforts to draft our Constitution.”

Saranya M Pethi
“The Republic Day of India recognised the Constitution in a legal manner and Independence Day is the day when we gained freedom. I remember studying about our Constitution in Civics when I was in school. I also studied about it in college as well. Because of this, I remember and know why Republic Day is important for every Indian.”

Sam Kingsley
“I am very clear as to why Republic Day is being celebrated in India. It is on this day that many things like fundamental rights, preamble, the duties of the Union and states were all put together in a clear-cut manner. I also know that Dr Ambedkar was the chairman of the drafting committee of the Constitution. People like Sachidananda Sinha and K M Munshi have put in a lot of work for the Constitution.”

Paul Borgall
“I am not very sure as to why and for what purpose Republic Day is celebrated. I know the importance attached with Independence Day but not about Republic Day. I guess it has something to do with the Constitution. Independence Day is the D-day for India as we attained independence from the British once and for all.”

“Independence Day is the day when India got separated from Pakistan and Republic Day is all about our Constitution coming into being. I do know quite a bit on the difference between Republic and Independence Day since I’ve learnt about that way back during my school days.”        

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