Acer unveils new devices

Acer unveils new devices

Wows with all-in-one, 2-in-1, gaming monitor

Acer unveils new devices
One of the largest PC vendors in the country, Acer India, on Tuesday unveiled a range of devices including the new Aspire E5 series notebook, and the Aspire V Nitro-Black edition notebook with gaming-grade graphics.

Speaking at the launch, chief marketing officer of Acer India S Rajendran said, “Our mission is to break the barriers between people and technology, and we have been doing the same for the past three-and-a-half decades. We have solutions for customers from one-inch wearables to 100-inch projectors,” he said.

The new Aspire E5 series comes with a new textile pattern cover manufactured with 3D printing technology with price starting from Rs 26,499.

“We found that consumers wish for a variety of colour options. So we have introduced interior colours like white, red, and charcoal. The Aspire E5 series notebook has been manufactured through NIL (nano imprint lithography) technology, which involves 3D scanning of fabric samples, and then they are replicated into molds with 3D printing technology. NIL brings in fineness to the products,” Rajendran said. He said about 2,25,000 notebooks are sold to consumers in a month, of which Acer’s market share is below 10 per cent.

Describing the new Aspire V Nitro-Black edition, Rajendran said it comes with powerful processing and gaming-grade graphics.

“Only five per cent of notebooks with dedicated graphics used to hit the market some 15 months ago. But if you look at it now, the percentage is more than 25. It shows the industry is growing in India,” he said.

Available in 15-inch screen size, the Aspire V Nitro-Black edition notebook is powered by NVIDIA GeForce up to GTX960M, and it provides users with riveting gaming-grade visuals and performance. Acer also unveiled Aspire V3, a light and thinner laptop with up to seven hours of battery life. 

All feature Windows 10
The next generation XB240H gaming monitor; the Acer Aspire Z series HD all-in-one-slim and powerful entertainment device; the curved 34-inch curved monitor for deep immersion in gaming; and the new Aspire switch 2-in-1 series, which provides smooth transitions between five modes of usage, were launched on the occasion.

Speaking about the Aspire Switch 12, 2-in-1 series, Rajendran said it comes with a magnetic and latch-less detachable keyboard.

“It can be used as notebook, pad, display, tent, and desktop. All these devices come with Windows 10 upgrade,” he informed.

The price of the new Acer Aspire V Nitro-Black edition starts from Rs 1.10 lakh, and the Acer Aspire Switch 12 comes with a 128 GB SSD with prices starting from Rs 53,999.