'Why so many remakes?'

'Why so many remakes?'

Offers galore

'Why so many remakes?'


Ramya is busy shuttling between Chennai and Bangalore. She’s tied up with shooting of Sigum Puli in Tamil and Sanju weds Geetha in Kannada. The young lady is expected to have three releases by June this year. Looks like she’s taking it easy for a while and hasn’t really signed up for any new projects but has been approached to play the lead in the Kannada remake of 3 Idiots and Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.

“It’s all in the discussion stage. I haven’t really committed to any film as yet,” says Ramya.

 She wonders why there are so many remakes in the Kannada film industry. She feels that while these films may have been a big hit in Bollywood, the same formula may not work just as well here because the audience is different.

“I wonder if you can really tamper with these films and make them just as well as they were first made,” she observes.

 And what’s more Ramya’s Varanam Aaiyram, a Tamil film, won the national award for the best regional film in Tamil. The lady’s surely rocking!