Now, monitor newborn's temperature with mobile phone

Now, monitor newborn's temperature with mobile phone

 Doctors may soon be able to monitor the core body temperature of newborns on their mobile phones using the cutting-edge invention by researchers at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). 

Newborns are very sensitive and even a small dip in their normal body temperature can lead to major complications such as hypothermia, which in turn leads to irregular breathing, slow heart rate, low blood sugar levels, and in severe cases, even the death.

This condition is especially dangerous in premature babies. In such a situation this tool will be of crucial significance. A temperature sensor will be tied to the newborn through a belt that constantly monitors the core body temperature, and communicates the readings to a doctor's smart phone or computer.

The transfer of data from the sensor to the smart phone happens via 'Bluetooth Low Energy', a technology that consumes substantially lesser power when compared to the normal Bluetooth.

The device will alert a doctor when the body temperature drops below a critical value. “Driven by the need for monitoring the necessary factors in newborn babies, we have developed this device ”, says Prof Bharadwaj Amrutur, Professor , IISc. He along with Prof Prem Mony of St John’s Research Institute and St John’s Hospital jointly led the project.

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