Centre plans to streamline RTCs

Centre plans to streamline RTCs

The proposed measures include regulating the appointment of chairpersons and board  directors for these corporations and fixing bus fare. Instead of political appointees, the Centre wants to appoint directors to these units from finance and road transport ministries as also the Planning Commission.

As far as fixing the bus fare is concerned, the Centre plans to float a Central Road Transport Regulatory Authority on the lines of the Electricity Regulatory Authority for this purpose.  If all these measures are implemented, state governments will lose control over the  functioning of these corporations,  sources said. 

“Overhauling these corporations by infusing professionalism is necessary for providing quality transport services to commuters,” a senior official in the Road Transport Ministry told Deccan Herald. 

Of the total 53 state government-run transport corporations in the country, many are incurring losses due to poor management. Even bus fares were not hiked because of political compulsions. 

“The corporation will function under the guidance of the regulatory authorities to be set up at the Central and state levels,” the official said.