Communication is important

Communication is important
Dear Madam,
I am currently pursuing my undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering in Bengaluru. I wish to do my Master of Science in Automotive Engineering abroad. But while looking for good universities, I came across the courses “Automotive Systems” and “Automotive and Production Engineering”. What is the difference between these courses and Automotive Engineering? Which one should I choose if I want to work on designing and building the power train of a vehicle (transmission, engine, gearbox, differentials, etc)?

Dear Sudarshan,
If you want to work on designing and building the powertrain of a vehicle, choose Automotive systems. Automotive engineering is a branch of automobile engineering, incorporating elements of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering as applied to the design, manufacture and operation of motorcycles, automobiles, buses and trucks and their respective engineering subsystems. Automotive Engineering includes Automotive systems and production engineering.

Automotive systems include vehicle and power train functional performance, vehicle systems analysis, manufacturing systems and integrated design, sustainable vehicle powertrains, body engineering, powertrain calibration optimisation, vehicle dynamics and control and vehicle electrical systems integration.

Automotive Production Engineering includes manufacturing technologies in automotive engineering, engineering processes, production and logistic networks, production system and plant development, supplier management, automation and operating resource technologies etc.

Dear Madam,
I finished my graduation on 2013, after which I joined  a thermal power company. I have been working as a field engineer. I am now thinking of doing MS or MTech from a reputed foreign university in the UK/ US in thermal engineering. Please tell me about the exams I need to write. What are the future jobs I can get once I finish Masters.

Dear Shashank,
To study in the UK, you need to write only the IELTS. For US, you require both GRE as well as IELTS. Your masters programme in the UK will be for one year, while in the US, it is a two year course. The areas where you can work after the completion of your course are public and private sector, defence, railways, manufacturing industries dealing in electric motors, pump sets, oil engines etc. You can work as a researcher, lecturer, plant chemist, piping designer, maintenance engineer, field service engineer etc.

Dear Madam,
Currently I am doing B.E. I am interested in pursuing my in MBA International Business. I have heard about this London-based university called Middlesex University which offers a course called MA International Business and Management. As an engineering student, am I eligible to pursue that course? And if it is all yes, can you please guide me about the qualifications? Can you also suggest some other universities which offer this course?

Dear Manogna,
You are certainly eligible to pursue an MA/MSc/MS in International Business in any university. You need to only write the IELTS exam to go to UK. If you want to study MBA, you need to take the GMAT exam and have two to three years of work experience. Middlesex is a popular London-based university. There are many other universities that offer this course. For a complete list of universities please visit

Dear Madam,I am currently working in a bank on the basis of my II PUC qualification and pursuing a BCA degree through a correspondence course. I wish to go for higher studies abroad. Please guide me as to what are the options that are available. I also wish to get into any good university particularly in the US, through scholarship. Kindly advise me in this matter.
Kushal B N

Dear Kushal,
After your BCA, you can pursue your MS in Computer Science or Information Technology. For scholarships, you need a high GPA and good GRE and TOEFL scores. Prepare a strong resume highlighting all your academic and extracurricular achievements, work experience, community service etc. You should start your application process while you are in your final year of Bachelor’s.

Dear Madam,
I started to do my BCom in 2012 and will be completing it by 2016 from Bangalore University. Am I eligible to do a Master’s from a foreign university? I want to pursue my MBA in London from a university which offers a two-year programme. I don’t want to write any entrance exam (like GMAT) unless it is compulsory to write. I also like to travel and want to know if there are any Master’s programmes offered by foreign universities relating to this.
Asha Priya

Dear Asha,
Yes you are eligible to study Master’s in a foreign university. Masters programmes in London are generally a one year programme. In Scotland you have two-year programs. For an MBA, you need two to three years of work experience. After your BCom, you could pursue your MA/MSc in Travel and Tourism. You don’t need to write the GMAT. Take the IELTS exam which is a simple English test and is mandatory for all students who want to study in the U.K.

Dear Madam,
I have completed  class XII with 92% and I’m interested in pursuing wildlife sciences. How do I go about it? Can you name a few good colleges which offer this course? Also, I come from a middle class family, so going abroad without scholarship is not an option. Please help.
Archana Prabhu

Dear Archana,
Wildlife sciences are offered by many universities all over the world. The popular Bachelor’s programmes are Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife Biology, Zoology and Wildlife Science and Wildlife Management. Take the SAT and TOEFL exam if you want to study in the US.  If you want to study in UK, take only the IELTS test. Universities in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc accept both IELTS and TOEFL. To keep your options open for scholarships, you need to start the application process early. Although scholarships are available for academic achievers, it is not easy getting full scholarships. You might have to fund part of the amount through a student loan.

Dear Madam,
I am pursuing my MTech in Structures (Civil-CSE) at RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru. I completed my BE at PESCE, Mandya, with 9.2 aggregate (CGPA). My GATE score in 2014 was 407. I wish to do my higher studies (PhD) abroad. I needed to know the procedure for applying, including the sponsorship details. I also needed to know if doing PhD in India is a better option. Chitra Rajashekhar

Dear Chitra,
First you need to identify where you want to carry out your research work. Ideally, one of your professors at could refer you to a colleague in a different country/university. You should then go to the website of that university and research the works of the professor under whom you intend to study. Write to them telling them about yourself, your research interest and why you want them to be your guide. Your letter to them should show that you are serious, well qualified, have specific plans, are familiar with the professor’s work, have done thorough research and utilised all the freely available information on their website. Follow these steps carefully and it will certainly lead you to your goal. PhD programs are fully funded in most countries. It is important that you communicate directly with the universities.

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