A convoluted comical ride

A convoluted comical ride

A convoluted comical ride

Kannada (U/A) Cast: Komal Kumar, Akanksha Puri, Avinash, Shayaji Shinde
Director: S V Suresh

Lodde, which means left-handed, is a film dedicated to late actor Vishnuvardhan. An ode to all Southpaws, the film sadly does not do justice to the legendary star. Except for a song spotlighting on all famous left-handers of the world — the film’s only novelty — it turns out a routine outing.

Drawing inspiration and seeking to cash in on the yesteryear actor’s lefthandedness is fine. But Lodde, directed by S V Suresh, fails to make sensible and engaging capital of it. Instead, a moth-eaten story is foisted, and the film fails even as a comic, action-packed fare.

With Komal Kumar at helm, Lodde is full of spicy and tangy dialogues to provide the laughs. It revolves around foreign-returned grandson Narasimha, who, his grandfather expects, would help him settle scores with his bosom buddy, now turned rival.

The mothers, on the two sides, try to plot a matrimonial solution to the age-old rivalry hoping that if Narasimha weds Akankasha, animosities would evaporate.

But do they? How do the two love birds seek to end this distrust and enemity between Rudrappa and Sadashiva?

What leads to bitterness between the two paternal heads forms the film’s second half.
Set in Thirthahalli amidst its slyvan setting, Lodde is strictly for Komal fans.