Twin train mishap in MP: Passengers recount horror

Twin train mishap in MP: Passengers recount horror

Twin train mishap in MP: Passengers recount horror

51-year-old Allahabad native Syed Imran Ali's dreams of going to Dubai have been delayed as he lost all his documents needed for a visa in the train mishap in Madhya Pradesh, but he still feels lucky that he survived the tragedy.

Ali had happily boarded the Kamayani Express from Mumbai to visit Allahabad for arranging money to complete visa formalities for fulfiling his dreams of having a good life. However, little did he knew that fate had something else in store for him.

"The train was chugging in high speed and I was awake making plans about Dubai. It was pitch dark and heavy rains lashed the area. Suddenly, the driver applied emergency brakes when the train was crossing the bridge," Imran told PTI, lying on his bed in the district hospital after suffering a fracture in his hand and injuring his legs.

"The train stopped with a loud thud sound and suddenly water started entering the coach, and within five minutes it flooded the entire coach S-10 coach leaving very little time for passengers to make an exit," Imran said, even as he recalled seeing the Janata Express being stationary at the very same spot on the adjoining track.

"The womenfolk used their saris to form a rope rescue which on one end was tied to the ill-fated coach of Kamayani Express and other to the stationary train on the other side and somehow they came out saving many lives," he said.

"I lost my all important documents needed for applying for a visa for going to Dubai in the process," Imran said, adding, he was rescued by a relief train this morning today and immediately admitted.

The Allahabad-bound passenger said he never saw so much water before, as it came gushing in engulfing the entire bogie and area.

The story of 62-year-old Chotu Singh from Kuda village in Dindori district of Madhya Pradesh is no different as he was travelling with his wife to Nashik along with seven others for a holy dip in the ongoing Kumbh Mela.

Singh boarded the general compartment of Janata Express train from Jabalpur along with his wife, Gayatri (55) and seven other village folks.

As the train derailed and tilted while crossing the bridge on Machak, he tried to jump out alongwith his wife but changed his mind at the last moment and instead clung to the bogie door fearing that both might drown in the swollen river, Singh said as he recounted the horror.