PETALS OF poetry

Last Updated 28 January 2010, 11:18 IST

When a turtle turns turtle
(Now that’s a big hurdle)
With everything downside up
It’s a really funny scene
The ground on its back
A new blue beneath
So many things yet unseen
It struggles to turn back
But the chances seem lean.
Flying birds, floating clouds,
The turtle is totally confused
No, not scary, on the contrary
The turtle is very amused.
And then its efforts to turn back
Are gradually reduced.

Great Grand Pa needs
His walking stick to walk
‘Cause when you look
Through his spectacles

You’ll be in for a shock
Everything is
So magnified
It’s all hazy and unclear
If he flings his glasses
He won’t need the stick
And he can walk much easier. 

T’would be so much fun
To see a chameleon 
On …….
__ a zebra
__ a tiger
__or the multi-coloured mat
made of jute and fibre;
__ a rainbow
__ a spectrum
or the colourful Rangoli
made by grand mum,
__ the mosaic on the floor
__ the ‘tie & dye’ bedspread
__ the salt and pepper hair
on dear Grandpa’s head.
I’d love to make it sit
without any guilt
on my favourite quilt
with geometric designs on it;
Or make it slowly crawl
on Dad’s checked shirt,
Mom’s striped skirt
And my teacher’s Batik print shawl. 

Dear Miss Mismatch
Lived upto her name,
Wore stuff that hurt the eyes
Of those around her – what a shame!
Shocking pink pajamas
With fluorescent flowers
And a gaudy green T-shirt
With twenty tiny towers
A copper-tinged hair clip
Clasped her carrot red hair,
Her silver shoes and golden socks
Made people stare and glare.
Dear Miss Mismatch
Lived up to her name
Even while finding a husband,
The story was just the same.
She’s tall ‘n; thin, he’s short ‘n’ stout
His dress sense – plane and sober,
While she is shouting all the time,
He can barely whisper!

(Published 28 January 2010, 11:18 IST)

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