Police permission must for rallies, meetings

Police permission must for rallies, meetings

 Police Commissioner N S Megharikh on Wednesday issued guidelines to political parties on holding public rallies or meetings ahead of the upcoming BBMP elections.

The guidelines were issued based on the information received from the intelligence department which has stated that there might be some law and order problem during rallies or meetings.

According to the guidelines, any individual from a political party, who wishes to take out processions on the City streets, should keep in mind the law and order and free flow of vehicular traffic.

The notification stated that an application should be submitted in advance by the person or the political party, which will conduct the meeting or rally, to the jurisdictional Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP). The application must mention the routes proposed for the procession and the exact location where the meeting will be held. The jurisdictional DCP will verify the details about the party and the participants and then give its permission for the procession/ rally.

The DCP also has the power to change the route of a procession if he perceives a law and order problem or traffic-related problems.

The DCP can suggest an alternate route for the procession. The organisers shall be held responsible for any violation or breach of peace and will be punished for any violation, the guidelines state.