Singapore's new tower of pride

Singapore's new tower of pride

Located 20 minutes away from Singapore’s bustling centre, the city-state’s newest residential development, Sky Habitat, is nearing its completion. Designed by the architect behind the famed Marina Bay Sands resort, Noshe Saddie, the complex is 38-stories high.

Its tall stature is representative of the high-density, high-rise housing that remains in great demand across many Asian cities. The residential complex consists of two tower blocks which are connected at the base and by three bridges at its upper levels. Two of the bridges have landscaped circulation routes, while the third upper bridge has an elevated swimming pool from which one can see the city’s rapidly developing skyline.

Just like its orthodox counterparts, the project includes common amenities at ground level in the form of outdoor spaces and communal gardens. Above its sunken parking podium, the site has been developed to contain lush gardens, outdoor event rooms, swimming pools and walking paths.

The structure has been rationalised to maximise air movement in the region’s tropical climate, thus allowing for cross-ventilation and multiple exposures in every unit. Additionally, many of Sky Habitat’s apartments boast of individual balconies, roof terraces and gardens.

The complex also mimics a village-like clustering of residential units, which one can see in hillside developments. Its development as a result can be seen as an integration of architecture and plant life into a singular experience.