Music has no language

Diverse Audience

Music has no language

Melodious: One of the performances by the band Ziskakan.

Playing to a packed house of music lovers, musicians and people generally interested in different types of music, the group treated their highly appreciative audience to a blend of Maloya, Sega, Indian percussion, reggae, jazz and pop-folk music.

Zishakan was born in the late 70s, out of a movement to ‘foster the use of Creole language and to promote  local culture’.

They travel all over the world playing to diverse audiences, proving time and again that music is indeed the universal language of brotherhood. They sang in their native tongue, Maloya and played an eclectic selection of instruments like guitars, tablas, mandolins, ukuleles, banjos, kabassy, drums and they reached out to everyone in the audience without exception.

“The band is a pure legend, having been around for over three decades. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics you can identify with the music because the folksy style appeals to most people regardless of race or ethnicity,” says  musician Aarti Rao.

“You can be transported to the beaches of Goa, the streets of Chennai or the exotic spaces of Reunion Island through the sound of their music,” she added.
Ziskakan was formed by Gilbert Pounia, who still remains the lead vocalist and guitarist.

While he stays with his original concept, the rest of the band brings a highly contemporary feel  to their repertoire adding to the universal appeal of their music.
As they played, the highly receptive audience could barely keep still, rocking to the beat and keeping time to the highly infectious tunes.

They enjoyed the selection of songs from the band’s popular albums like Banjara and Madagascar which also strongly reflected the contemporary style of Maloya music and the influence of its mixed inhabitants of African, European, Indian, Chinese and crossbred descent.

In a show of spontaneity some of the musicians in the audience were inspired to get up on stage and jam with the band thus ending the evening on a high note.

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