Hair to stay

Hair to stay

Good care

Hair to stay

Take care: David Beckham with his signature long hairstyle.Hair, whether long or short, should be taken care of in the right manner.Here are some tips which men can follow so that their lengthy hair can remain long and strong.  

Oiling the hair from the scalp to the tip is a must.  
It is essential that you wash your hair frequently with a shampoo that suits the texture of your hair. The flavour of the shampoo doesn’t matter until and unless it does it’s job of cleansing the hair.

Rub your hair in an upward direction gently so that the scalp is massaged and you feel relaxed. If your hair is very long then avoid the circular motion massage as it can tangle your hair which will result in hair fall.

Use a good moisturising conditioner once you have rinsed the shampoo from your hair. It works miracles if you have dry hair. Use a herbal moisturiser if you have oily hair   Get the right tools to care for your hair. A brush with natural bristles are the best, a wide toothed comb is advisable for curly hair.

Avoid using the hair dryer very often. It dries and breaks the hair which results in hair fall.Find a comfortable hair style which you can easily maintain on a daily basis.
Don’t let anyone criticise you for paying much attention to your hair. Good hair works well everywhere so take good care of it.

Tips for long mane
1. An hour before you wash your hair, massage it with warm coconut oil. Then take hibiscus petals and grind it to a fine paste, apply this on the hair and then rinse it well. This remedy controls hair loss.

2. Boil some hibiscus flowers in coconut oil and filter this oil out. Use that oil for your hair. This will prevent your hair from thinning.

 3. Soak methi seeds overnight and make a paste out of it in the morning. Apply this paste on your scalp and leave it for two hours, rinse it well. This will control the grey hair growth and will help in dark hair growth.