An original experience

An original experience

An original experience

A packet of chips, pickle, tea leaves or sweets is something most travellers return home with after a trip. It is always fun to share the delicacies of a particular region with the family. But what does one do when they have a craving for a specific dish but can’t go to that location? How long does one have to wait for a friend to source it to you? Thanks to new-age technology and the two brilliant Bengalureans, Ashish Nichani and Sudarsan Metla, our lives have become sweet and savoury all over again. So, next time one has a craving for a localised food item, they can place an order on ‘Place of Origin’ and it will be delivered to their doorstep.

“We are proud to say that our platform can connect producers and customers from across the country to satisfy a craving, even when it is inconvenient to get,” says Ashish. There are people who associate a particular dish with a region and others who have memories attached to each dish, ones that are worth revisiting and bring back the symphony that is triggered with every bite — a complete ‘foodgasm’ to enjoy wherever one is based. It is these people the start-up entertains. After all, one can get that delicious authentic taste only from the place of origin. 

Being keen travellers and avid foodies, the two engineers have been fortunate enough to experience the culinary delights from different parts of the country. In order to share their joy with people around them, they started ‘Place of Origin’. The two met as colleagues and their interest in different flavours brought them together. “I’ve always wanted to do this. But you don’t always get the right partner or the opportunity. When Sudarsan came into the picture, there was no looking back,” adds Ashish.

A friend of theirs from Mumbai wanted to deliver a particular sweet called ‘dhamaka’ from ‘Evergreen’ in Delhi, along with the wedding invitations. This idea convinced them that people want special food and are willing to pay for it. The idea revolutionised from this small gesture and led to the dream coming true.

Sometimes, inadequate baggage allowance, long queues, chaotic traffic, no parking spaces and if one is unlucky, no stock can dissuade a person from indulging their whims. With this website in place, one can sit at home (with a decent internet connection) and get items delivered from the shops and restaurants to their doorsteps the next day.

“We know that there’s a risk of things spoiling if it doesn’t reach on time, so we’ve only put up items that have a shelf-life of at least seven days. If someone from a remote area orders something and we know that they will not get the taste they are supposed to with the time duration, we don’t take that order,” explains Ashish. He adds, “When we decided to start this, we asked our friends and family to tell us what they would like from different places. This gave us a fair idea of  what we should look forward to and approached those shops. Now, people can enjoy ‘okara muesli’ from Auroville, ‘patisa’ from Jammu, ‘peda’ from Dharwad, ‘pista halwa’ from Mumbai, plum cakes from Kolkata and much more.”

Their attempt to bring happiness in the form of the country’s most famous foods has been successful so far. Currently, they have a tie-up with 30 restaurants, for 300 items, to bring joy to our otherwise busy lives. They deliver all around Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu.