Roads in Manipal turn nightmare for riders

Roads in Manipal turn nightmare for riders

The bad roads in Manipal, which has become a major bane for the educational hub, is now turning out to be an absolute nightmare for riders, drivers and pedestrians.

The roads in the areas coming under the City Municipal Council limits are in pathetic condition as they are ridden with potholes leaving ample space for hazardous ride. The main road and all other connecting stretches in Manipal are in deplorable condition. The bad shape of the roads is exactly where the vehicles and the pedestrians come into terms with the worst ever experiences in the lives. The potholes filled with water owing to showers give a filthy splash to the passers-by, whenever a vehicle passes over them. The area which witnesses brisk activities due to presence of large number of students, patients and a huge population associated with various business establishments in the town, is bearing the brunt of the bad roads.

Avinash Achar, a shopkeeper told Deccan Herald that riding motorbike in Manipal was a hellish experience. He alleged that municipality had turned a nelson’s eye towards the inconveniences suffered by the people. “Wherever we go, roads are ridden with potholes, some of them as deep as one to two feet. Still the administration is silent. It is the basic infrastructural facility that should be provided by the administration. The officials do not realise the sufferings, as they rarely travel on these roads, he added expressing his anger against the Municipality.  

Jayanti Nayak, a bank employee who travels on her two-wheeler from Udupi to Manipal says she has developed joint pain owing to her ride. “It is terrible. The area houses a big hospital and people from all over the State and neighbouring States come for the treatment. It is scary if one has to rush to the hospital during an emergency on these roads,” she added.

Meanwhile, City Municipality president Yuvaraj said that the main stretch passing through Manipal city comes under the purview of National Highway Authority. Hence, repair works can’t be taken up on the main stretch. Although the road is badly damaged, the CMC is helpless. However, the connecting stretches would be considered for repair after the rain stops. The general fund from Municipality is used for the purpose.

Even if repair works are taken up at present, the road will not survive for longer period, as the rain water will washes away the concrete. Once the rain recedes, the work will be taken up. There is no dearth of funds and only requirement is bright sun for couple of days, he added.