Folk is the way to rock

Folk is the way to rock

'Desi' girls

Folk is the way to rock

The breeze from the West has in a large way influenced the Indian culture. While the culture is revolutionising, both for good and bad, what is taking a whole new style is — Indian fashion. The style that tranformed the fashion industry in the 70s is back and youngsters are enthusiastically trying their hands out on the newest trends, all with a ‘desi’ twist!

Quirky and bright colours, traditional patterns, handloom fabrics and hand embroidered works are incorporated in western wear and   making a bold statement on a gloomy weather.

 The rich heritage of India is painted in the form of patterns, designs and colours, not only on clothes but also on many accessories.

‘Global Desi’, as the name suggests, is aiming to add a global appeal to ‘desi’ fashion. The styling team of ‘Global Desi’ says, “Our brand is India-inspired and delves deep into our rich heritage of textures and prints, all combined to give a boho-chic look. The recent collection, ‘Trip Away’, is inspired by the inherent travelling spirit of  a ‘Global Desi’ girl. It transports one to a world of wanderlust with fun patterns and eclectic prints.” 

Palazzos, bold in solid colours and printed work, boxy crop tops, high- waist quirky skirts, jackets and many other western attire has been given a rich look with folk arts, prints and folk colours.

“We build on folklore and folk art and style them into a rich ensemble that makes it a must have for the modern Indian woman. They have a rich blend of ethnicity and the contemporary style of garment design, with a blend of repertoire of prints, patterns, styles and colours,” says the design team.

It is not only the attire that is taking a ‘desi’ turn, as there are many other brands like ‘Chumbak’ and ‘Fashion Era’, which are promoting ‘desi’ accessories, including bags, phone accessories, stationery, home decors and many more. The ‘desi’ bags at ‘Fashion Era’ have prints inspired from folk culture and designs of a common village man, Indian forests and flowers and other traditional patterns. Without the conventional brand names on the bags, these bags add an extra edge to one’s look and let the bohemian speak in style. “The bags are charming light-weight ‘desi’ bags with vibrant prints. Some bags have prints on  both sides and are big enough for laptops. These are  ideal for daily use. The style fits easily under the arm too,” says the design team of ‘Fashion Era’.

The ‘desi’ factor is catching up fast and there are many fashionable youngsters giving their looks  a new twist and promoting ‘desi’ style. Mabel Hosiana, a professional, likes to wear bright- coloured clothes with over-sized ‘desi’ earrings, and she says, “There is a swag attached to ‘desi’ colours and patterns. An unconventional mix, ‘desi’ fashion is picking up and is sure to stay for a long time thanks to its extraordinary and unique style.” Bindya Kannappa, an advertising and a commercial photographer who keeps experimenting with her look, has an affinity for bold styling and she says, “I like bright coloured attire which has asymmetrical patterns and is very ethnic and chic. It is one of those things you can wear and fit in anywhere.”