They took to crime to fund lifer's legal battle

They took to crime to fund lifer's legal battle

A man serving life sentence at Parappana Agrahara Central Prisons “helped” a prisoner come out on a bail to commit theft and arrange money for him, so that he could appeal in the Supreme Court.

This disturbing incident came to light after the Hennur police arrested four persons — Seena alias Paddu (22), Raja alias Govindaraju (43),  Meenakshi (40) and Raju alias Appi (26) — in a burglary case.

Based on a tip-off, the police arrested Seena, who was wanted in several burglary cases. During his stay at the central prison, he met Govindaraju, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2003. Govindaraju befriended Seena and told him about his plan of approaching the Supreme Court, for which he needed money. He helped Seena to get out of the jail on bail, so that the latter could commit theft to raise money to file appeal in the court. In January, 2015, Seena came out on bail and started committing theft.

Seena used to give the stolen jewellery with Meenakshi, who used to run an eatery in front of Parappana Agrahara jail. Meenakshi, in turn, would hand over the stolen ornaments to Raju, another offender who was also released on bail with the help of Govindaraju.

Raju used to pawn the jewels and give the cash to Seena. On the pretext of giving food, Seena used to give Govindaraju the money. A senior police officer said, “During interrogation, Seena spilt the beans. We recovered 850 gm of gold jewellery worth Rs 22 lakh.”