People's problems- Stop printing bills on thermal paper

People's problems- Stop printing bills on thermal paper

Monthly bills issued by the Bescom and BWSSB are printed on thermal paper and despite not being exposed to sunlight, these bills fade away because of the inherent characteristic of thermal paper. Many commercial establishments issue computerized bills generated on plain paper, where the prints are resilient and permanent. Why can’t these government authorities use plain paper for printing the bills. Bills will have to be saved for future reference. We request the concerned authorities to switch over to paper bills.
Arvind Anur, J P Nagar 7th Phase

Include Old Airport Road in TenderSURE list
The condition of footpaths on Old Airport Road is so pathetic that it needs immediate attention. The road too is in a bad shape and it should be restored and upgraded under the TenderSURE project. Are the authorities listening to the cries and pleas of the concerned citizens?
V Padmanabhan, Rustam Bagh Main Road

Shrubs growing in flyover cracks
Many of the flyovers in the City, especially the ones in Shantinagar, Silk board and Marathalli, have quite a few shrubs of Pipal tree growing in the crevices of these structures. If these shrubs are not destroyed now, their roots will penetrate deep into the structure and render it weak. It will be very difficult to get rid of the roots at a later stage. I request the concerned authorities to take the necessary steps before it is too late.

Col S Srinath, Arakere , Bannerghatta Road

Civic problems in Rajajinagar
I live in Rajajinagar I N Block and there is a school and a self-service hotel on the 19th Main Road, both of which are causing havoc to the public in the area. While it is imperative that the school which is a big one should maintain cleanliness not only for the children studying there but also for the residents around, the school compound has become a public toilet and neither the school nor the corporation seems to bother.

Behind the school people throw garbage in the nights, making it a breeding ground for mosquitoes. There are also a number of benches along the school compound where hooligans sit all day and eve tease. They sit here to consume alcohol at night. The hotel gives immense trouble by allowing their customers to park all along the road on both sides. They also serve food and coffee on the road which adds to the congestion. I request the authorities to look into this.

Roads in deplorable condition
The road connecting the City to Devanagonthi is in a very bad shape. A small bridge connecting Channasandra to National Highway 207, which leads to Devanagonthi, is also not well-maintained.

The 100-metre stretch is ridden with pot holes and debris, making it a nightmare for commuters.

During rainy season, the condition only worsens. The BBMP limit ends just before the bridge, which is the major link for fuel supply. We request the concerned authorities to look into the issue.
Shreekanta Bhat, Whitefield

Road turns dumping yard in Domlur
The service road in Domlur Layout, parallel to Old Airport Road, has turned into a garbage dump yard. The road has become unusable because of garbage being thrown along the entire stretch. This is a serious health hazard.

Many cows, crows and rodents feed on the garbage and scatter them around. All complaints to the authorities have fallen on deaf ears.
Reena Thomas

Dangling electricity wires
 High-tension electricity wires have been hanging outside Coles Park on Promenade Road for over a year now. There are many schools in are around this area and the park here is also joggers' paradise. This is a serious safety hazard. Bescom officials should take immediate action before any untoward incident occurs.

Smoking menace
The residents of N S Iyengar Street in Seshadripuram are inconvenienced by smokers, who regularly stand on the road with their two-wheelers next to a bakery where cigarettes are sold. This is happening right in front of the compound wall (Seshadripuram morning college and evening college), in spite of a ban on the same. Residents of the area have become passive smokers and people start crowding around the area right from 7 am and do not leave until after 9 pm. In spite of our repeated requests, students/public continue to smoke here. We request the authorities concerned to look into the matter and put an end to the problem once and for all.
Residents, NS Iyengar Street, Seshadripuram

Unscientific road humps in Halasuru
After the recent road accident under the Halasuru Metro Station, a new road hump has come up on just one side of the road. Are they waiting for yet another accident to happen on the other side of the road to put a road hump on that stretch?

The new road hump is not a scientific road hump as it has two humps next to one another. When a new road hump is constructed, why is it not constructed as per the approved specifications?

Why waste money on constructing such unscientific humps? Hope the officials concerned will look into this problem, so that no more accidents happen on this key stretch of road.

D R Prasad Gupta,
Indiranagar 1st Stage

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