'I am pure', proclaims 'godwoman' as cops seek to question her

'I am pure', proclaims 'godwoman' as cops seek to question her

'I am pure', proclaims 'godwoman' as cops seek to question her

Self-styled 'godwoman' Radhe Maa has been issued summons by police in connection with a dowry harassment case but she remained unfazed claiming she was a "pure and pious" woman.

The Mumbai police -- probing the dowry case -- served summons on her last night after she returned to the city from a tour. "Her statement will be recorded on Friday," said Kandivali police station's senior inspector Mukund Pawar.

Radhe Maa held a press conference here this evening where she said she was "pure and pious" and trusted the media as well as the police completely.

"The complainant is very poor. If I haven't taken anything from my daughters-in-law, who belong to royal families, then why will I take money from a poor person who doesn't have anything to eat?" she said.

"Check my bank accounts. If you find a single paisa earned by wrong means, I will kill myself," she further said.

Last week, a 32-year-old woman had filed a complaint of domestic violence and dowry harassment against her in-laws and Radhe Maa. She alleged that the 'godwoman' instigated her in-laws, who have been her followers for last several years.

Police had earlier issued summonses to six other accused in the case.
Meanwhile, office-bearer of a Mumbai-based organisation, 'Kutch Ladayak Manch', today told newschannels that Radhe Maa was responsible for suicide of seven persons on March 7, 2014, at Ningal in Anjar tehsil of Kutch district in Gujarat.

When asked about this at the press conference, she said the allegation was false. "Please check the background of that complainant," she said.

Meanwhile, a group of people in Mumbai have given an application to Kandivali police requesting them to probe the suicide of nearly half a dozen persons in Kutch.

"Considering the current case of domestic violence, a small group of people in Mumbai requested the Kandivali police in writing to probe the case of abetment to suicide against the 'godwoman'. The case pertains to 2014 in which nearly half a dozen persons committed suicide," senior inspector Mukund Pawar said.

The decision to probe the case depends on the police who will take a call after deliberations with senior police officials in Mumbai, he further said.

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