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Watercolour artist
Last Updated 10 August 2015, 18:47 IST

Veteran artist Phalguni Dasgupta showcases nature and people among his creations in the exhibition ‘Lyrical Expressions’ which is mounted in the capital. Known for profound expressive artwork by only using water colours, Dasgupta’s works depict nature, people, Lord Ganesh, Lord Krishna, and his favourite, maina or sparrow.

He says, “I still make everything using watercolours.  I do not use white colour. This is my understanding of the world and it imbues my art. The white paper stands out for colour white in the paintings.” He adds, “Many people have asked me why don’t I try other mediums, but I like working with watercolours... it has its own charm.”

From a young girl bringing home leaves for her goats, to goddess’ painted in a style that blends Bengal folk with the rural landscape, and from lyrical studies of lovers to poetic landscapes, as an artist his work showcases variety and his innate versatility in
the craft.

Dasgupta says, “All my artwork is accidental. My brush created them and it turned out to be nice.”

An art appreciator, Dr. Karan Singh, senior Congress leader, was present at the
inauguration as the chief guest. “Indian art is full of vibrancy and vitality and it goes without saying that every single period of history has produced its own great work,” Singh tells Metrolife.

“Good to see that Dasgupta has retained his creativity throughout the years,”
he says, adding that in the artist’s work nature, rural life and birds have taken the
centre stage.

Dehradun-based Dasgupta consciously stayed away from oil paintings and by doing this he says he discovers a new journey every day. “I have stayed away from oil and abstract paintings because they take very long. I like watercolours because they are quick,” he said. “I avoid using black and white and use only transparent colours which bring out the essence of watercolours,” he added.

The exhibition is on till August 13 at India International Centre, Lodhi Estate.

(Published 10 August 2015, 14:39 IST)

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