Schools run by NDMC to aim higher

Last Updated 13 August 2015, 04:12 IST

The NDMC will set up minimum education levels for its schools and take teachers to task if the students do not meet them.

The minimum level of education will be implemented from classes 1-6 across council schools, and are meant to help students when they reach higher classes. This comes after the council noticed a spike in failure rates in classes 9 and 11.

The Education Department of the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) had roped in teachers from the schools to frame the guidelines. Teachers will now give special focus on English, Hindi and Mathematics as a part of implementing the minimum level of learning standards.

“The teachers were roped in to identify which are the areas where students lag behind. We have prepared detailed reports on the implementation. If students fail to meet the set parameters, the teachers will be held responsible and pulled up for it,” said Vidushi Chaturvedi, Director of Education, NDMC.

“These three subjects were chosen so that the students have a strong foundation once in higher classes.”

The new method will also help council students cope with the pressure in the higher classes.
The NDMC is now carrying out an analysis of the high failure rates.

“We are trying to trace the problem behind the high failure rates. An analysis is currently being carried out and we will soon come up with a comprehensive report on this,” said Chaturvedi.

With the council receiving a significant chunk of students from the lower economic background, the students mostly do not get to spend much time in academics beyond school hours. The teachers will now be encouraged to put in extra school hours to help students lagging behind. More stress will also be given on extra-curricular activities.

The NDMC schools are also trying to tackle absenteeism in schools. Irregular classes are another reason why students are not performing up to the mark, said teachers. “As students mostly come from the lower economic strata, it is necessary that parents are regularly motivated to overcome this hurdle,” said a senior NDMC official.

(Published 13 August 2015, 04:12 IST)

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