New app tells pot smokers if they are too high to drive

Last Updated 13 August 2015, 13:39 IST

 A first-of-its-kind app can tell marijuana users if they are too high to drive or operate heavy machinery.

The app, called Canary, is based on four quick tests to be completed under three minutes. They measure memory, balance, reaction time and time perception.

"This is a first-of-its-kind app to quickly measure how impaired you are from the effects of marijuana," said Marc Silverman, founder of Belles Farm in Boulder, Colorado, the startup behind the app.

The app, Silverman, said, is not meant to replace the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) blood test used by law enforcement to detect marijuana presence, 'CNN Money' reported.

"It's specifically for recreational or medicinal marijuana users who want to be responsible and not hurt themselves or others as a consequence," he said.

"Maybe you want to take the test before you get into a car, or operate heavy machinery," he added.

Users take the tests on the app for the first time when they are not intoxicated in any way.
The app stores that info and then compares subsequent test results to that standard.
"In later tests it will look for anomalies or aberrations to your baseline result," said Silverman. That deviation will indicate how impaired a user is.

The app shows a red light if the user is impaired, yellow light if they are possibly impaired, or green light if they are normal.

Silverman, an engineer, spent two years developing and testing the app with psychologists and physiologists.

(Published 13 August 2015, 13:39 IST)

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