Locking attention with its stocks & barrels

Locking attention with its stocks & barrels

Know Your Army mela

Locking attention with its stocks & barrels

For the scores of school and college students and the public at large, it was a lesson on military science. Their day way well utilised at the ‘Know Your Army’ mela at the MEG grounds on Thursday.

From the T-72 battle tank to paragliding equipment and from boats to quick-build bridges, the Indian Army showcased a host of its weaponry. Soldiers patiently explained the use and efficacy of each of them to the visitors.

Aditya Srivastav and his classmates were excited by the Bridge Floating Heavy (BFH), a buoyant bridge built by Sir Krupman of Germany and in use with the Indian Army for decades.

The children were all waiting with excitement to get on to the bridge. Ask any of them what he or she wants to do after they grow up, fit came the reply that they would want to be part of the Indian Army and in commanding positions.

The mela has been organised as part of the 69th Independence Day celebrations. The last time such a mela was organised in the city was 10 years ago. Major General A K Singh, Karnataka and Kerala Sub-Area General Officer Commanding, urged people to take part in the mela with enthusiasm.

The 10 Assam Rifles Infantry Battalion stationed here has showcased rocket launchers, snipers, anti-tank guided missiles, grenade launchers, counter nuclear warfare devices, et al.

The MEG is showing off its bridges, bomb-disposal equipment and so on. The 515 Army Base Workshop has displayed its collection too.

Among other things on display were carbine machine gun, tanks, counter IED devices, heavy bridging equipment, parachute motors, mine-protected vehicle and mini-EOD robot.

The full-width mine plough tanker was the main attraction. Schoolchildren got into the tanker and had their photographs taken.

Kaushik C, an NCC cadet who was explaining about the paraphernalia on display to students, hoped that he would one day become a soldier and that he was training for it now. 

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