Plenty of golf left in the tournament

Plenty of golf left in the tournament

Plenty of golf left in the tournament

Waking up at 4 am always means a long day. But if you can come out in the morning and have a good four or five-hole stretch, like I did this morning and had a bunch of birdies, it feels great. I am now tied for fourth, but there is still a lot of golf left in the tournament at the PGA Championships in Whistling Straits.

It just gets you going and gets you focused for the second half.
Obviously it's going to be a long day for a lot of us. So you've got to pace yourself and focus all day. I know it is a big day back home, as it is the Independence Day in India and it is good to play like that.

I'm happy that I hit a lot of fairways in my second round. That's very important on this golf course. If you can keep doing that, you can go at some pins and you can hit a lot of greens. So, that has got to be the strategy.

Yesterday (Friday) I was a little frustrated because even in the afternoon I think the conditions were good for scoring.

I hit a lot of fairways, but I just didn't seem to hit them close enough, or when I did I just didn't make enough putts. I felt like I could have played really well in the 13 holes that I played yesterday. So, I guess it was nice to just get some sleep and calm down and just come back and focus. So that was good.

The gameplan's been the same. It was always about coming out and hitting fairways.
Coming out this morning, I found the green on Par-5 fifth and two putted from around 25-27 feet.

On sixth I hit the driver just short of the green and chipped close for a birdie. Then on seventh I hit one of my best shots of the second round. I hit a 4-Iron to under two feet and rolled in a third birdie. And it was nice to finish steadily.
I feel good and hopefully I can come back and play well in the next two rounds.